In Florida, two were released from prison after serving 42 years for murder, they acquitted

Residents of Florida Clifford Williams, Jr. was 34 years old, and his nephew, Hubert Nathan Myers was 18 — then, in may 1976. At the party in the bedroom someone shot Jeanette Williams and Nina Marshall. Janet died, and Nina survived, and pointed to those two as killers, saying that they entered the room, stood at the foot of the bed and with two trunks began to shoot.

Right now, a conviction for Hubert Myers & Clifford Williams jr. is expected to be vacated. The 2 men were wrongfully convicted of murder in the 70’s. This is a result of the @SAO4Florida conviction integrity unit. They will walk free today after more than 40 years in prison.

— Albert Matter (@bridgetteANjax) March 28, 2019

The testimony of the victim outweighed all. Although party members like to remember that during the shooting saw them in other areas, but their evidence was not solid. A quick and short investigation, the court sentenced both to life. Clifford and Hubert pleaded not guilty neither under investigation nor at the trial or during the punishment, on the contrary regularly filed appeals.

Finally,they applied to the Department to test the validity of sentences, which the public Prosecutor is created in 2017. According to a press release from the state attorney Melissa W. Nelson, Department for the review of convictions acknowledged that «he is no longer sure of the viability of sentences». It turned out that an unnamed person dying in 1994 (!) year has confessed to killing Jeanette Williams. Now this man is dead, as dead, and who died in 2001, the year Nina Marshall, reporting accidents. The test showed that it is more likely that Jeanette was shot through the window, with a single trunk. Clarified a number of details, indirectly proving the innocence of prisoners to what had happened in that bedroom in the gloomy night.

«My mother died when I was on death row,» says Clifford Williams, before being overcome while thinking about his children, left behind when he was in prison @FCN2go

— anne schindler (@schindy) March 28, 2019

Judge Angela Cox quashed their convictions, 76-year-old Williams and 61-year-old Myers released. «I lost almost 43 years of my life that I will never be able to return,» said Myers, «but I look to the future and focus on how to enjoy freedom with his family.»

The image of Clifford Williams and Nathan Myers on the day of their exoneration will remain with me forever. Though it is hard to look through them without crying.

— Claire Goforth (@clairenjax) March 30, 2019

According to the state attorney of the Melissa U. Nelson, this is the first investigation conducted by the new division, which led to the release: «we Have a constant ethical commitment after conviction to seek justice, when we learn about material evidence showing that the condemnation of wrong.»