25-year-old teacher fired for Topless selfie, which saw students

Topless-selfie three years ago was 25-year-old teacher Lauren Miranda of the state of new York her work.

Teacher allegedly fired over topless selfie threatens to sue school for $3 million: The photo was somehow obtained by a student after former math teacher Lauren Miranda, 25, sent it to a former boyfriend. She was fired and is now threatening a lawsuit. https://t.co/jqSk3UgLfP pic.twitter.com/JHa1t2X39s

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According to Miranda, in 2016, she did this selfie and «privately» sent a picture of his then boyfriend. They both were teachers in the South Country school district in Bellport, long island (new York). In January of this year one of the students somehow (unclear how) got this photo.

Three years ago, Lauren Miranda, 25, a 7th-grade math teacher at Bellport Middle School in New York sent a private photo to her then-boyfriend, a teacher in the district. pic.twitter.com/PiTYM1QPfH

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First, Lauren Miranda was placed on administrative leave for three months, and last week the girl said she was fired.

«I never posted this photo, other than personal correspondence,’ said Miranda. — As it turned out, the million dollars.»

Or rather, three million. Attorney John ray filed a lawsuit against the school district demanding to restore Miranda to the post or to pay her in damages the amount.

According to the teacher that she suffered discrimination because she is a woman.

«If the photo had the nipples of male teachers, no punishment would be,» said Lauren.
She added that she first spoke with the Director who said, «How can I let you stand in front of the class, where the boys can get the phone and look at this your photo?».

Lawyer teacher said that district officials held a meeting at which Lauren «interrogated» and showed the audience a photo of her, and the men discussed it.

Reviews the performance of Miranda, represented by counsel, show that it is always praised for their excellent work.

Now the teacher said her career is over.

«I liked my job, I never woke up in the morning reluctant to go to school. I loved my students and thought that I will spend the next thirty years of his life,» said Lauren Miranda.