Fake new York gangsters who threatened the businessman with a fake gun, can take 20 years

On Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal court three defendants — Douglas singer (54), Leroy Wilson (47 years old) and Marianne wood (61) — pleaded guilty to conspiracy extortion. After sentencing, the defendants each face up to 20 years in prison.

«Business owners who are trying to earn an honest life, should not be afraid of someone who has no legitimate authority over them, to extort their livelihoods and threatened with violence,» said Deputy FBI Director Sweeney.

As reported in the publication on the website of the Ministry of justice of the United States, the suspects demanded $198 thousand and a former owner of a pizzeria in Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn). Douglas singer is one of the instigators of the crime, bought the pizzeria from the victim in the beginning of 2018 over the $60 thousand plus a damage Deposit of $15 600. The building in which it is located, will remain the property of the victim, so he exacted rent from the new owner $5 200 per month.

«Defendants carefully made up a scenario of intimidation, even used muscular actor to convince the victim,» said lawyer USA Attorney Donohue.

In November 2018, singer, Wilson, and wood met with the landlord. Wood explained that she was a business partner of singer and worked in organizations engaged in the business of pizzeria, and reported that the victim needs their organization of $198 thousand

Ransomware showed his victim pictures of his wife and children, and the actor hired for the role of a muscular guy drew his gun in a holster. After the meeting, the victim reported the threats to law enforcement. The gun was later identified as theatrical props.