A new bill in new York will automatically make each rights holder an organ donor

A new bill submitted by member of the Assembly of the state of new York Pat Burke, automatically includes residents of the state in the age of 18 years and older to the list of organ donors. However, each person has the right to refuse it. In addition, the bill is only at the stage of initial discussions.

«I decided to make such a bill, because we need to find ways to attract more people to the organ donor registry and ultimately save more lives,» said Burke.

According to him, currently in the waiting list of organs and tissues in the state of new York, there are 9 thousand people, and this is the third position of the largest needs in organ donors in the United States:

«Through this bill, more new Yorkers become organ donors, but the people still retain the right of choice. One donor can save up to eight lives. This legislation will help save many lives.»

According to Burke, it is assumed that the automatic switching will occur when issuing driver’s licenses.

Residents of the state at the age of 16 or 17 years old will also be eligible to become donors, but they need to register in the system.

«This proposal is intended to start a conversation about the importance of organ donation. If it becomes law, then people in the application for a driver’s license in the state of new York will have to indicate if they do not want to be donors. Otherwise, they are automatically included in the registry,» explained Burke.

He added that he would not push the bill until they receive significant public support.