Whether prospects, «a case of treason» and «Ukraineat»?

Final report, special ProsecutorRobert Muellero Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 has still not been made public. However, the US President , Donald trumphas already spoken about the recent investigation, calling it a»coup attempt». He again remembered his old charges against the former Director of the FBI James Comey, and his assistant , Andrew McCabeand others, this time adamantly demanding that attorney General William Barrof the investigation of their actions on the subject of accusations of treason.

This topic instantly caught petranovskaya media, adding that «the criminal Deep state» is in a state of panic. While a number of us have Smieszny trump’s charges as a violation of the Constitution and his presidential oath, accusing the head of the White house dictatorial tendencies.

The following «retaliation» trump has been the development of the scandal surrounding the alleged Association of Ukrainian politicians with representatives of the democratic party of the United States. So, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenkosaid that he had enough evidence on the activities of Vice-President Joe Bidenand his son to meet personally with William Barr, because he doesn’t trust the FBI, the NEB and the U.S. Embassy. Also Lutsenko reminded of the fact of publication of information about criminal actions of Paul Manafortin Ukraine, calling it «illegal interference in U.S. elections.» What’s illegal can be in uncovering the scheme of money laundering has already been confirmed in U.S. court, Lutsenko said.

However, the theme of «Ukrainedate» picked up both the Republican and Russian mass media, saying that it is not Moscow, and Kiev, and personally Poroshenkointervened in the American elections. That the intervention of the Russian side has confirmed the relevant indictment, and included hacker attacks, dissemination of disinformation, creating false accounts and trying to destabilize from within American society, while Ukraine blamed only the transfer of information to American law enforcement and close cooperation with the former White house administration, supporters of «Ukrainedate» tactfully silent.

A number of American experts are sure: no charges us prosecutors in the treason, nor attempts to prove the Ukrainian interference in the internal Affairs of States has no real prospects.

«The claim that the FBI receives treacherously, investigating what his agents thought possible violation of American laws is a dangerous shift from the rule of law to authoritarianism. If the FBI violated its own rules and regulations is of concern and should be investigated and the guilty punished. But if it acted in accordance with these rules and investigated that, in the opinion of the agents was credible evidence of criminal activity, it should be welcomed as an example that the system works – regardless of the level of the object of her investigation. Attacking law enforcement authorities without evidence (and note that, according to the attorney General, he has only questions, not sufficient evidence to bring such charges) means the politicization and, as a consequence, corruption of the process, not only in this case, but in more General terms,» – said the expert on Eurasian Affairs and a former analyst of the CIA and the US State Department Paul Goblein an interview to our website.

As for cooperation between Ukraine and the United States, the American expert noted that the statement of policy of some States of their preference for certain candidates in elections in other countries – a fairly common phenomenon, in and of itself is not a problem.

«Problems arise when countries try to influence the results of the election of others by illegal means, and to achieve the desired result by the ways in which it is impossible to track their participation. This is exactly what Russia did in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States. As far as I can tell, neither Ukraine nor the United States never crossed that line in relation to each other,» concluded Paul Goble.

American analyst said he did not believe in the possibility of trump and his team to find proof of his accusations, which could convince an impartial judge, but believes that they will continue to make these accusations in order to please the supporters of the incumbent President.

This opinion is shared by another American commentator, writer and former diplomat James Bruno.

«Trump attacks the FBI and Department of justice with cynical calculation to undermine their authority and desire for truth in the investigation of the Russian intervention in elections in 2016. He and his allies are trying to lie about the fact that Ukraine allegedly helped Hillary Clinton. These actions not only show the moral inconsistency of the President, and his reckless actions threaten our democratic system. Being a diplomat, I have lived in authoritarian countries and I can honestly say that our President is going to assume authoritarian powers, if Congress won’t stop him. He is a danger to American democracy,» – experts fear.

Former CIA officer Christopher Burgersmore restrained in the estimates, but also believes that the allegations are not baseless, and are not able to cause anything but noise.

«The court has already demonstrated and proven connection of Manafort with Ukraine, and no one can deny the fact that within a short period he was elected head of the election campaign trump. That said the Ukrainians, there was not a word of fiction» – he recalled.