The case of bribery: designer Mossimo, Giannulli appropriated the money that parents gave for College

Fashion designer Mossimo, Giannulli, who along with his wife, actress Lori Locklin, was accused of bribery during the admission of daughters to the University of southern California, admitted that in his youth lied to their parents about attending elite schools and appropriated the money they gave him for training.

Locklin, giannulli and accused that they were among the 40 participants in the fraudulent scheme, because they gave a bribe to their children in the most elite schools in the country. However, the wife admitted that he had paid $500 thousand for the arrival of their daughters — Isabella and Olivia — University of southern California (USC). They are still officially enrolled in school.

And it is against the background of this scandal became aware of other interesting facts from the biography of Giannulli. In 2016, in blog, The Hundreds fashion designer admitted that in the 1980s the years have convinced my father that in College at USC, forging report cards. It is on the money that father gave Giannulli for training, he began his career as a designer.

The article says that Giannulli did attend some classes and lived in the fraternity house. According to USC, the man was a student in the spring semester in 1984, but not as an enrolled student. He was a member of the program College of Continuing Education, which was open to all «without formal requirements for admission» and not included the diploma.

A source close to Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli say the couple are ‘Outraged’ they’re being called ‘Cheaters’. Well there’s also Swindlers, Defrauders, Scammers, Tricksters, Fraudsters, Con Artists or. Take your pick guys. #CollegeCheatingScandal

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In an interview with The Zach Sang Show Giannulli daughter, Olivia jade, spoke about the «crazy» time of his father’s in College.

«I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you, I’m sorry dad. But he never went to College, he was faking it. Yes, he started the whole business with the money for training, which, as the thought of his parents, going to College,» — said the girl, which now has 2 million subscribers in social networks.

This interview was published on 8 March 2019, just four days before the arraignment with her parents.

The case of bribery: designer Mossimo, Giannulli appropriated the money that parents gave for CollegeLaurie Locklin with children.

In the same interview, Olivia jade spoke about how she plans to use their knowledge in College to improve the brand.

Recall, the star of «Desperate Housewives» felicity Huffman pleaded guilty of bribery for admission of children to College.