In the USA executed a man who helped friend kill father, his girlfriend and two children of a friend

The man convicted of killing four people, including two children – because of a dispute about the truck, will be executed tonight, may 16, in Alabama.

41-year-old Michael Brandon Samra needs to obtain lethal injection at the state prison in Atmora.

In 1997, Michael Samra and his friend mark Duke was sentenced to death for the murder of his father the Duke, his girlfriend and two young daughters of a friend. Adults friends were shot and children had their throats cut.

According to prosecutors, Duke planned the killing because he was angry that his father gave him the truck.

Later death sentence for the Duke was commuted to life in prison because the Supreme court banned the execution of inmates under the age of 18. Michael Samra at that time was 19 years old.

According to court documents, Duke and Samra killed four people in a house in Pelham, a suburb of Birmingham, 23 March 1997.

The day before mark Duke argued with his father, Randy Duke because of the refusal of men to borrow son’s truck.

Mark Duke killed your father shot in the face, Samra shot girlfriend men Dedra hunt. Then buddies slit the throats of two women, the daughters – 6-year-old Calise and 7-year-old Chelsea.

In a letter to the Governor asking for clemency Camry the lawyer noted that his client confessed to the murder, expressed remorse and was involved in the shooting «because of Mark Duke».

Every life sacred? Kay Ivey Will stop tonight’s execution of Michael Brandon Samra?

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Today, the U.S. planned another penalty. In Tennessee executed 68-year-old don Johnson, who was sentenced to death for the strangulation of his wife in 1984 while camping.