In the state of new York has proposed decriminalizing the sex work industry

On Monday, a group of legislators introduced a bill under which new York will become the first state in the U.S., decriminalizes work in the sex industry. If the bill is approved, it will be a huge step forward for gaining momentum of the movement for the rights of sex workers.

«I waited for this day for probably 30 years. said Cecilia Gentili, a former employee of the sex industry and a member of the human rights organization, participated in the preparation of the bill — [work] I had to sit behind bars at Rikers island, and would not wish even the worst enemy.»

The act called Stop Violence in the Sex Trades abolish penalties for the purchase and provision of sexual services — exactly as for any actions rastsenivaya authorities as pimping. According to human rights activists, the last measure required to avoid the criminalization of sex workers, providing each other support.

The bill also allows employees in the sex industry, previously convicted for his activities, submit a request for cancellation of the sentence — provided that they are serving a sentence in one of the articles included in the bill. The law will not apply to sex trafficking and crime against minors. In effect will remain and prosecution for prostitution in the district schools.

«When we talk about decriminalization, we are talking about adults who have agreed [to work]. — said presenting the bill in the Senate Julia Salazar in an interview with BuzzFeed News — Forced prostitution or involvement in her children should be punished in accordance with the Criminal code.»

According to one of the main supporters of the bill, Jessica Ramos, its main objective — decrease in level of violence.

«We don’t want sex workers become victims of violence, she explains — as the hands of customers at the hands of the police, or anyone else.»

The proposal has already faced dissatisfaction on the part of religious organisations, fighters against trafficking in persons, and some feminists. Many sex workers, in turn, came out openly in support of the bill, hoping that the new rules will make their lives a little bit safer.

«When it comes to decriminalization, the majority immediately think that [the authorities] want to legalize prostitution and let the traffickers do away with sex-trafficking. says working in the sex industry Sylvia Escobar — But in fact it will benefit people like me — transgender women providing sexual services».

«Criminalizing the sex industry is killing us. — adds Gentili — It leaves on the reputation of the spot, of not being able to find work anywhere else».