The Assembly of the state of new York approved a law granting driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

Wednesday, June 12, the Assembly of the state of new York approved a bill that will give illegal immigrants the ability to obtain a driver’s license. The proposal was accepted by majority vote: 86 to 47.

Now the bill will go to Governor Cuomo, who has already expressed his support and promised to sign the document if he would approve the Assembly.

«I have three young daughters, — the Governor said during an interview last month — two graduated from College, one enrolled in the first course. Every day, from the comfort of home, they sit behind the wheel, and every day I with a sinking heart, waiting for their return <…>. I’m worried about them and want to be sure that other drivers on our roads, got my license, passed all the tests and have the necessary skills».

According to the researches, the law will allow you to get right around 265 thousand people, which creates for the state an additional $57 million in annual revenue. Supporters of the bill believe that it not only fails to improve safety on the roads, but also facilitate the work of the police, which will be easier to identify the drivers if necessary. Opponents of the proposal, in turn, argue that it will open for illegals loophole that allows you to vote in the elections and increase the number of cases of identity theft and misuse of ID.

«I’m not sure whether the DMV to obey law-enforcement services, — explained his position by former police officer and member of the Assembly Mike Riley is exactly like that their databases contain accurate information.»

According to a recent Siena College poll, most new Yorkers share the concerns of critics: only 41% of state residents supported the bill, while 53% were against. Most opponents of the bill to the North of the state (62%); inhabitants of the Big Apple were divided in their views.