Shocking video: man beat his French bulldog, and then threw it to the wall

Employee of a residential complex in East Nashville (tn), sent the police a video in which a man abused his animals.

On account of the man, whom police identified as 33-year-old Brandon TINSA, entered the Elevator. He was with two French bulldogs. Tins first lifted one of the dogs, and then struck her in the face. Then he stepped out of the Elevator, and in a few moments returned.

Excited Tains tries to kick the dog several times. Once the Elevator doors open, the man grabs the animal by the neck and throws it at the wall. The dog bounces off the wall onto the floor.

According to MACC (Metro Animal Care and Control), an employee residential complex saw the entry and sent it to the investigators.

This video from surveillance cameras led to the arrest of TINSA on charges of animal cruelty, aggravated battery, which is a criminal offense. The dogs were confiscated and are at MACC.

Andy cordan from News 2 also checked the criminal history of TINSA. Until Tuesday, June 11, had not been arrested.

Brandon Tynes is a bad person who pretends to love his dogs then pile drives them into a wall.

— Ryan Graney (@RyanEGraney) June 12, 2019

In addition to charges of animal cruelty, the suspect was also charged with possession of drugs. It needs to appear in court July 12.