Family recruited her to Rob banks; now she’s trying to start over

Abby cat was only a teenager, when I started to help my father and brother to Rob banks. After 6 years, more like a roller coaster, she says her life finally returns to normal.

Abby kat from Texas said that she was only 18 years old when her father Scott, kat made her brother Hayden and kat, who at that time had 20 years to convince her to be their driver during the first Bank robbery in August 2012. «The way he told me was «For success we need you» and I just did it. I was told that I was needed and I did it.»

Abby said that the first Bank they robbed was a Comerica Bank near their home in Katy, TX. Her father instructed where to take them and where to pick up after. Hayden and his father entered the Bank wearing masks with pneumatic guns, while their sister waited in the car. The day they came out of the Bank with a garbage bag with $70 thousand

Then in October 2012, they robbed the First Community Credit Union in Katy. Interestingly, before the robbery intelligence in the Bank spent it to Abby. Scott with his son came in a different disguise, and daughter again waited in the car. The gun was only father. During the second RAID they took $100 thousand

Abby said that she understood that it was only a matter of time before they are caught. Police were able to go out to the family thanks to the construction jackets, Scott sent children to buy as a disguise for the second robbery. They used his debit card and 9 November 2012 the whole family was arrested.

Abby Catt was just 18 when she went on her first bank heist with her father Scott and her brother Hayden, then 20, in August 2012. Two months later, the family went on their second heist. Abby discusses scouting for this bank robbery Friday on 20/20 with a new @MattGutmanABC.

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The father of the family said they had been robbing banks in Oregon one before moving to Texas. The children’s mother died from breast cancer when the boys were young, and Scott explained to the children that the money are in trouble. Scott pleaded guilty to robbery and received 24 years in prison. Haden was given 10 years, and Abby is 5 years. But the girl was lucky and instead of sending her to jail Fort bend Sheriff Troy Nels left her in a local prison.

«I thought she was more a victim in all of this. So I decided to help her to get an education, to teach some skills so she can lead a productive life after release»,- said Nels ABC News in 2013.

In an unprecedented gesture, the Nels allowed ABC News to reunite brother and sister in 2015 in Richmond, Texas. At that time they for the first year we saw each other. «I don’t blame you. Nothing,» said the girl, during their emotional meeting. «It will be a long time before I again see you,» he said.

In prison, Abby studied and worked as a seamstress. After 2 years and 10 months she was released for good behavior in September 2015 on condition that it will remain in Texas.

But it was not the end of the story.

After the liberation of girls a woman named Susie Gregory, who was a volunteer sewing instructor at the prison, offered to take her to him. In 2015 she moved to her and started to work in a fast food restaurant. The only condition for women to come home around 10pm, because Abby needs to learn. This weekend you can come at midnight. But it was a daunting task for a girl who could walk all night, admitting that sometimes he took banned substances during his spree.

When a girl a few days did not come home and did not respond to calls and messages, as Gregory told her change the locks. «It was very hard,» recalls Gregory. «I thought she was my daughter, We allowed her to see a family that cares about each other and not Rob banks. But, it seems she was not ready for this».

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Abby left home Gregory and was in Laredo, Texas, where he found work as a driver. There she met Ricardo Gonzalez. «I’ll just say that he is not a very nice person,» said the girl. But she explains that she had no other choice but to be with him.

Together they took alcohol and drugs, and in the end, the girl was back in jail. In August 2016, he was arrested and charged with the robbery of the gas station, while she slept in the car in a condition of narcotic intoxication. The girl in the robbery is not charged, but since she violated parole again appeared behind a lattice.

After the release of the girl sheltered in her aunt Joanna Voss, but it is again quickly found himself on the wrong path, using drugs and alcohol.

When Abby once again was on the street, she found a job in a factory processing fish. There she met her present young man and this year they have a baby.

«Everything changes when you know that you are in position. You can no longer be selfish, that’s for sure. I know… I’ve always been a bit selfish. Because it is a kind of relief».

The girl said that she and her brother and father communicate through letters, in addition, she visited them in prison. She says that she has forgiven them for what they put her through. «I think more blame myself. I know that my father loves me. I know he loves me as a daughter, because it is difficult to accept what happened.»

Her aunt said that after the baby is born she can go back to her house.

«There are things that I can’t lose. I just hope to have a stable family and give her son a better life. Just want to be a better person than I am.»