«Appeal to Putin didn’t help»: disabled from Tyumen asked the protection and help from trump (video)

A resident of Tyumen, the invalid of II group, Andrey Romanov has recorded a video message to the US President Donald Trump, asking him «to protect the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities, set forth in the Declaration and the UN Convention on the rights of man.»

His appeal 46-the summer man has recorded in English. In the video, Romanov stands on the Central square of Tyumen with the banner «No social extremism».

«My name is Romanov Andrey, I live in Russia in the city of Tyumen, I am 46 years old, crippled insultec. I congratulate you and all citizens of the United States with the upcoming holiday — the Independence Day. I appeal to you because of my repeated appeals to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin did not bring results», — said Andrey Romanov.

According to Romanov, disabled people in Tjumen can’t move comfortably either in the city or in the region. Some of this kids have to stay in apartments for years without leaving home.

«Hospitals, pharmacies, social facilities and pedestrian crossings are not adapted for disabled persons. Please, Mr. President, the trump, to take all necessary measures enforcement officials of the Russian Federation, Tyumen, to the execution of International instruments, the universal Declaration of human rights and the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities,» said the man.

As reported by Novaya Gazeta with reference to local mass media, Andrei Romanov repeatedly pleaded with Tyumen officials, but always lost.

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«When you see what is happening on our streets, in our organizations, I was very much hurt, and I’m trying to right a wrong, can not pass. Therefore, for accessible environment, disability rights, for everything else I now work,» said Romanov edition ТюменьPRO last year.