In viral video two clients told the Manager of Burger King, who spoke in Spanish to return to Mexico

One of the clients of Burger King said the General Manager of the restaurant in Florida «go back to Mexico» if he wants to continue to speak Spanish.

The viral video that was later posted on social networks, you can see how two unknown women criticize Ricardo Castillo.

«You are in America you should speak American» — hear how one woman said Castillo. To which he replied: «No, mA’am, I should not».

«Yes, Yes, go back to Mexico, if you want to continue to speak Spanish, go back to your Mexican country, his state, his country,» the woman continued.

«You know what, mA’am? I’m not Mexican, said Ricardo Castillo, a native of Puerto Rico. — I want you out of my restaurant right now.»

Case managed to capture another customer Burger King Naga Borrero. She started recording when she heard racist comments women.

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«I can speak English and Spanish, said Borrero. — There are people who can speak other languages. They should not feel discrimination in their country. They should be proud of what you can learn another language and to connect with a large number of people.»

Later, Castillo said that he had spoken in Spanish with an employee. Women said that they have complaint, but he didn’t know what it was about, and offered to help.

«I can’t believe that in this age there are still such people, said Castillo in an interview with The Daily Commercial. We are all the same. We are all human beings. We bleed».