The family of 91-year-old woman with dementia, whom he tortured and videotaped employees of the nursing home, filed for him in court

Relatives Margaret Collins has filed a lawsuit against a nursing home in Glenview after employees posted a Snapchat video, which mocked the 91-year-old patient with dementia. They estimated damage to the great-grandmother of $1 million.

In the short video, which is certified nurses assistants Brian Cortez and Jamie Montes was named «Margaret hates the hospital gown» staff mock Collins, repeatedly bringing to a defenseless woman in a hospital gown. This causes the old lady panic: her hands are shaking, you can see that she’s upset and struggles to push it away from his clothes.

Both employees were aware that Margaret does not like the hospital gown and they deliberately, with laughter provoked the old woman.

Video posted to SnapChat with two laughing emojis on Christmas eve. The staff tried to explain the «inside joke», but his daughter Margaret and her other relatives did not see anything funny in the fact that their great-grandmother’s suffering, yet Montes and Cortez have fun.

«What kind of sick amusement? asks her daughter Joan Bibal — I immediately realized that I needed to go to the police. It was wrong, my mother was counting on privacy».

The family of 91-year-old woman with dementia, whom he tortured and videotaped employees of the nursing home, filed for him in courtGlenview Police. Brian Cortez and Jamie Montes

Babel went to a lawyer and they filed a lawsuit against the nursing home for violating the Nursing Home Care Act, HIPAA and violation of the laws of the state of compliance with the privacy.

«She [Margaret] not only did not receive proper care, but also became the object of harassment and bullying,» says the woman’s lawyer, Battersby black.

Brian Cortez and Jamie Montes was fired from the nursing home and brought against them charges of hooliganism. However, Margaret says that after the video appeared, the administration of the nursing home for some time turned a blind eye to the behavior of their employees. They continued to work at least several weeks before they were fired.

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According to the report of the state Department of health Illinois nursing home Abington failed to prevent the abuse and ill-treatment, contrary to policy of the institution.

Relatives have taken Collins from the Board, stressing that just will not leave the incident.

«First, they spit on it security and privacy, then slowly trying to fix things».