In the public schools of Illinois will be taught the history of the LGBTIQ community in the United States

Governor J. B. Pritzer signed the law, through which the history and role of the LGBTIQ community in American culture will begin to study in the public schools of Illinois.

According to the bill submitted by Anna Moeller, «the lessons of history will include the study of the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the state’s history and the United States.» In the human rights organization Equality Illinois, already speaking in support of the bill, noted that such a system may «favorably affect the self-esteem of some students and to make their classmates more tolerant».

Among the organizations and personalities that will include a new program: the country’s first group who fought for gay rights, Society for Human Rights, which was founded in Chicago in 1924, and Sally Ride — first American woman in space and a lesbian.

In addition, since the law came into force, in textbooks, public schools must «present a description of the role and contributions of all, who is protected by the Illinois Human Rights Act, without any discrimination against them».

«The best way to overcome intolerance is through education and acquaintance with different people and points of view. the Senator said Heather Stins, also supported the bill — Inclusive curriculum not only present a more accurate version of history, but also will help to overcome discrimination against the LGBTIQ community».

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«I hope telling the students about valuable contributions made by members of the LGBTIQ community in history, we can create a more secure environment for its members and reduce the number of incidents of discrimination. noted Stins — besides, LGBTIQ children and adolescents will be new role models».

The law will take effect in July 2020.