«Trapeze artist» from California was shown the wonders of parkour, fleeing from persecution by the police (video)

The girl, being chased by police officers, turned into a daredevil and showed incredible acrobatic skills on the streets of Los Angeles in Wednesday in the middle of the day.

Amelia Manzano (21) from California first caught on CCTV camera while driving on the road Los Angeles at very high speed and several times almost became the cause of the accident. At some point she had to stop and run out of the car with the man who up to this point was in the passenger seat. In an attempt to find a way to rescue Amelia climbed up on the roof of a house. Fleeing from police, she jumped from roof to roof, and then carried out a daring leap and landed on someone’s car.

As later told the police an incredible race began at the moment when a woman who is a suspect in an armed robbery, was spotted for a dangerous drive through the streets of Los Angeles.

She maneuvered between the cars and many times nearly collided with other drivers. She even went into the oncoming lane and was moving at the speed of 145 kilometers per hour on the road, in the city limits.

Not being able to break away from police pursuit, Amelia stopped the car and ran along with his passenger. As it turned out later, it was Edgar Acosta (23).

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After a dizzying chase she realized that all was at an impasse. She stopped in exhaustion on the roof of some outbuildings, where she met Edgar. After the last one, very romantic embrace, the pair finally surrendered to the police.

In General, the prosecution couples took the police officers for 40 minutes. Young men suspected in an armed robbery. Perhaps, after such a chase they will be charged other charges.