A resident of Alabama, who was sentenced to life for robbing a bakery in my youth for $50, will be released on parole in 36 years

In 1983, when he was 20 years old, Alvin Kennard was sentenced to life imprisonment without right to parole — for robbing a bakery on $50,75.

The courtroom was full of Alvin’s family who wept with joy when the Judge announced his decision. Here they are outside court. pic.twitter.com/1BeiELdILf

— Beth Shelburne (@bshelburne) August 28, 2019

Kennard received such a harsh punishment under the old law of Alabama, known as the «law of the three violations.»

Previously he was sentenced to three years imprisonment. In 1979, at 18 years old, the guy climbed on an abandoned gas station and he was charged two counts of robbery and one of theft. A fourth charge in 1983 meant that he would be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Then Kennard with a friend went to the bakery and, threatening with a knife, emptied the register, taking a little more than $50. If a man was tried for a similar crime today, he would have gotten 10 years minimum and 21 maximum.

Kennard told the judge that he fully realized the blame for their crimes. Now he plans to work as a carpenter. Relatives and friends of the prisoner regularly visited his 35 years. They say that during the years in prison, Alvin became a different person, who «wants to be forgiven for what he did, given the chance to return to society and learn to live again.»

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«It’s incredibly unfair that hundreds of people in Alabama have to fight for the right to early release for non-violent crimes not related to murder,» said lawyer Kennard, Carla Crowder.