The man refused to pay for the adult channels, claiming that «ordered» a dog

After receiving a bill for $70-per-view channel for adults, the man said that the blame for his dog. He said that the dog somehow managed to get access to the TV remote and make a purchase.

Thomas Barnes (58 years) received a bill for $70 from DIRECTV, despite the fact that immediately contacted the company and explained what happened. He was home when his Bichon Frise named Marino jumped up on the bed and stepped paws on the TV remote, thus inadvertently ordering the view channel with movies for adults.

Barnes, a resident of North Carolina, told the News & Observer that he called the company of satellite television within a few minutes after the erroneous purchase to explain what happened, and he said that everything would be fine and the error will be corrected.

Imagine the shock of men, when because of the actions of his dog, he was ordered to pay $70. In addition, the adult channels continued to work.

Barnes, who lives on state benefits for incapacity for work, called again and received the same assurances. However, the adult channels continued to work, no matter what. Finally, Barnes decided to pay the bill for the TV, minus $70. However has achieved only that he did shut off the TV.

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He is outraged: «These $ 70 — you take the food out of his mouth. As if you steal them. They refused to consider how this is possible».

But the man did not get mad at little Marino, and wrote a complaint to the Federal communications Commission, explaining what happened.

Then he got a call from DIRECTV and he said that they are willing to add credit to his next account. But Barnes is still unhappy. He explains: «the Problem is that this is a mistake, and you expect me to pay for a mistake.»

The company DIRECTV has not yet commented on the incident.