The cruel stranger stalked and abused girl with a rare genetic disease for years

26-year-old Krista Sewell of Melville (long island) was arrested after she was chasing a child with a rare genetic disorder on social networks. Sewell was regularly sent to the page dedicated to girls, abusive messages and sending the family threatening letters.

Now she faces charges of harassment, stalking, and crimes of hate.

The cruel stranger stalked and abused girl with a rare genetic disease for yearsNYPD. Krista Sewell

Sewell pursued a 2-year-old Anna Riley Ulster County girl suffering from a disease called harlequin ichthyosis. The whole body of patients with ichthyosis usually covers rigid, easily cracking skin, and their breathing and movements are hampered severely hampered due to the illness.

Sewell regularly sent abusive messages to the girl’s mother page on Facebook called Hope For Anna, the child accounts in Instagram and Go Fund Me as well as sent to your home address Riley threatening letters.

After her arrest, Jenny has published in social networks a small post, commenting on the incident.

«My main responsibility as mothers is to protect children — she wrote — and I refuse to force Anna to hide their disorder a sense of shame <…>. One day she will have to lead an independent adult life, and I will do everything in my power to see that she had grown confident woman.»

«I hope you remember that on the other side of the screen are real people and send them abusive messages — wrong.»

«I knew that, maybe I will say unflattering things, the woman added in an interview with NBC — but did not expect such messages. During the year I was in a terrible position and felt the fear that should not experience no mother».