A fan filed a lawsuit against Madonna because of the postponement of the start of the concert for 2 hours

«There’s something you need to understand,» said Madonna during her concert in Las Vegas, sitting at the piano and shaking his legs. «And that’s what the Queen is never late».

The star said fans during the show this week by posting a video on Twitter on Saturday.

And, despite the cheers of the crowd agreed with this statement not all. One fan from Florida sure did not agree with this, and the law.

F. A. C. T. S. 👑 ……………….. #madamextheatre #thecolosseum pic.twitter.com/QBV99f1Y3I

— Madonna (@Madonna) December 9, 2019

Nate Hollander filed on the singer in court due to the late start of the concert. Hollander filed a lawsuit Monday against Madonna and Live Nation. He claims that he changed the start time of the tour Madame X Tour – it is a violation of the contract between the singer and the purchaser of the ticket.

In August, when Hollander had purchased tickets to Madonna’s show at the Fillmore Miami Beach, scheduled for December 17, the concert was supposed to start at 20:30, says in the lawsuit. But October 23, Madonna and Live Nation changed the start time of this concert and some other for 22:30.

The lawsuit says that people like Hollander who purchased tickets, but don’t want to go to a concert so late, was not offered the opportunity to get back their money.

As attempts to resell the ticket will not allow you to reimburse the money spent since tickets «plummeted in value,» due to the changed start time of the concert. Therefore, resale of a ticket was «impossible,» the man says.

Originally Hollander bought 3 tickets to Madonna, spending $1024,95 alleged in the complaint. But as the show will begin later than originally planned, he claims that he and other ticket holders «received actual and consequential damages, including loss of funds and the depreciation of the ticket.»

CNN got in touch with Madonna and Live Nation email and Voicemail, but has not yet received a response to requests for comment.