The dentist «set fire to the mouth of 5-year-old girl during a routine dental procedure»

The family of the girl, who carried a routine dental procedure, claims that the baby’s mouth caught fire and she received burns as a result of actions of the doctor. They demand from him compensation.

The parents of the little 5-year-old girl from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA last week filed a lawsuit claiming that their daughter’s mouth caught fire during a routine procedure in the dental office.

The parents filed a lawsuit in state court in Nevada against certified dentist Deepa Karan Dillon due to injuries received from a little girl, as reported in the Friday edition of the news Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In court materials it is stated that Dillon used a tool called a drill with a diamond coating to make the teeth more smooth girls, while she was under anesthesia. The result of the procedure to create a spark, after which the so-called «pharyngeal swab in the mouth girl on fire» and burned the baby’s mouth. The fire lasted for 1-2 seconds, as indicated in the lawsuit.

The child was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where she remained for 4 days with burns the palate and the lower lip. In the complaint, the parents said that the girl also suffered burns of the throat, tongue, lips, mouth, epiglottis cartilage and «other nearby organs.» Moreover, it is argued that some injuries «may be permanent and lead to disability of the child.»

The family requires from the dentist a compensation of slightly more than $15 thousand

Las Vegas Review-Journal cites the records of the Supervisory authority in the field of dental services of Nevada Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners that Dillon was not disciplinary action.

To comment about the incident with the child from the dentist failed.