Rich student received a life sentence for the rape of over 48 men

A rich student from Indonesia, was drugged in Manchester attracted men alcohol and drugs and then raped them. His victims were more than 48 people.

Serial rapist sentenced to life imprisonment with the right to submit an appeal no earlier than 30 years. This business became the largest in the UK prosecutions for rape.

«The good Samaritan»

36-year-old Reinhard Sinaga (Manchester, UK) came out early in the morning on the hunt for lonely drunken young people looking for Nightclubs are nearby. Cute and inviting to his Indonesian student was described as a «good Samaritan», which offered men a quiet place to sleep or offered a drink at his home.

Rich student received a life sentence for the rape of over 48 menReinhard Sinaga Credit: FACEBOOK

One of the victims said Sinaga was «very nice» and «helped him» when he got separated from his company and he is dead mobile phone. Another victim said that Reinhard found him lying on the ground near the hotel and allowed to stay at home.

Sinaga would bring guys to my apartment, which was located in the centre of Manchester. At home he always had plenty of alcohol, to which he added the drug GHB — gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB). His victims didn’t remember what happened after they drank the «clear liquid». Leaving the apartment Reinhard, they did not even know that their hospitable host was recently raped them.

Ian Rushton, Deputy chief Prosecutor of the crown prosecution service, said: «the Behaviour Sinage deceived these young people. Many of them thanked him for his kindness and provided a place to sleep».

Insidious maneuver: who’s the victim?Rich student received a life sentence for the rape of over 48 menCredit: TWITTER

2 June 2017 Sinaga brought home a teenager who came out of the night club, The Factory, to get some fresh air. He couldn’t call his friends and agreed to go to the apartment of Reinhard, as he encouraged him to try to contact them from there.

The next few hours, the guy did not remember. Then he woke up in that moment, when Sinaga raped him.

He immediately alienated the rapist, which, in turn, suddenly started to shout»Help!» and bite of a teenager.

The victim was hit several times Sinaga, ran away from the apartment, and then called the police.

Arriving at the scene, police found Sinaga, who was beaten in a semiconscious state with serious injuries. The rapist took the victim and was taken to the hospital and teenager arrested for assault.

But the behavior Sinai in the hospital had brought upon him suspicion of the investigation. He demanded that the police brought him his mobile phone from his apartment.

The police agreed, but asked to confirm the pin code before sending the phone. However, Sinaga repeatedly gave false numbers, and once gave the correct pin code, tried to snatch the phone out of the hands of the police.

The officer became suspicious and handed the phone as possible evidence for review. So it was discovered a video in which Sinaga raping a teenager.

Evidence: video and photos

In charge of the investigation, the assistant chief constable MABs Hussein called this situation «absolutely unprecedented«.

Another cell phone Sinaga handed over the investigation last victim: the device somehow appeared in his pocket.

In memory of these two phones kept about 800 videos on how Sinaga raped or men who have lost consciousness. The victim, who in this was snoring loudly, repeatedly raped for several hours in a row.

There is reason to suspect that the victims were much more than 48. Police link Reinhard Sinaga with more than 190 potential victims, 70 of them, they have been unable to identify.

In addition, Reinhard Sinaga filmed the process of rape on his mobile phone, he kept «trophies» of their crimes: watch and wallets. As it turned out, the rapist has viewed and downloaded page social networking victims, learning their details from the documents, and took photographs of his victims in the Nude.

The court Sinaga argued that the men agreed on a movie, and played with him in a sexual game in which they pretended to be dead to fulfill his sophisticated fantasy. Prosecutor Iain Simkin said that such arguments of the defense «ridiculous» because the jury saw the victim in the video was snoring.

Rich student received a life sentence for the rape of over 48 menReinhard Sinaga Credit: FACEBOOK

Many young boys who are victims of the rapist did not want to know the details of what happened to them. Some of them decided not to talk about the injury even his family or close friends. 45 injured men were heterosexual, 26 students. Two of the victims found out about the rape, tried to commit suicide due to severe depression.

Our court artist’s impression of Reynhard Sinaga during sentencing today #BBCNews

— Judith Moritz (@JudithMoritz) January 6, 2020

A serial rapist was convicted in four separate trials for 159 crimes committed in the period from January 2015 to may 2017.

Why victims don’t fight back.

The effect of the drug starts in 15 minutes and lasts about 3 hours. The use of GHB in low doses causes mild euphoria when this happens, sexual arousal (especially in men) and enhanced sensitivity. When drugs ceases to operate a person falls asleep and Wake up, nothing remembers.

High dosages a person is immersed in deep sleep. After awakening the person does not remember what he did during intoxication.

Overdose of this substance can lead to death.

The effects of GHB are used by rapists to sedate the victim before the rape. This is indicated by the slang name of the drug «date rape drug». GHB is rapidly eliminated from the body with urine, so if you suspect in the violent application of this drug you need to contact the police or hospital.