Animal advocates are asked not to call dogs and cats «Pets» because it humiliates them

The activist animal rights asks people to stop calling their dogs and cats «Pets» or «Pets» because it is «derogatory» term.

70-year-old Ingrid Newkirk, which, together with the activist Alex Pacheco organized PETA («people for the ethical treatment of animals», the headquarters is based in Virginia), said that calling animals «Pets» — it’s like calling a woman «sweet» or «sweetheart».

«Animals are not our burglar alarm. They are not our decorations or toys, they are living beings,» added Newkirk.

Earlier, representatives of PETA demanded that the animals were considered equal with men, that the term «pet owner» were replaced by «guardian».

«How we speak affects how we think about them, so we need to change the language. Animals should not be things on shelves or in boxes, when the person chooses their «under color of curtains.» I hope the time for this kind of treatment of animals passed,» — said the activist.

We know one person who certainly believes his dog as an equal, is WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil, which allocated a whopping $6 million on advertising vets who saved his Golden Retriever and aired during the super bowl.

Last year the dog McNeal was discovered an aggressive cancer and he was given the chance survival of only one percent. Illness struck the walls of the blood vessels of the dog.

But David brought a dog named Scout at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, where the dog went through chemo and radiation.

Unbelievable, but thanks to the treatment the tumor Golden Retriever dropped by 90%, and now almost disappeared.

Then David decided that the best thanks to the vets would be a demonstration of their hard work, which saw millions of people.