The NYPD can arrest visitors and restaurant owners for violating quarantine

The new York police Department has informed its employees that they can issue subpoenas and to arrest the owners of restaurants or bars that disregard the rules prohibiting night life of the city.

Under the new rules, announced by mayor bill de Blasio on Sunday evening, all the restaurants and bars have to serve only takeaway food to reduce the risk of infection by coronavirus.

According to the New York Post, police will have the right to force visitors of any pub or diner to go home, if the authorities deem that the room is too many people.

NYPD cops can ticket, arrest owners who break rules coronavirus restaurant

— New York Post (@nypost) March 17, 2020

Officers also can issue a summons to the owner of the restaurant, bar or club, but the police are given the opportunity and just go with a warning.

If the owner ignores this warning, it might have a prison sentence and the accusations of interfering in state management.

Visitors can also be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct if they refuse to leave.

But a spokesman for the NYPD said the arrest is an extreme measure, as the authorities seek to fight the pandemic together with the residents.