The man was accused that he was hiding in the bedroom of 12-year-old girl for months, subjecting her to sexual violence

A resident of Washington state raped 12-year-old girl hiding in her bedroom during the month.

21-year-old Zacharias Adrian Cavazos began to communicate with the child on social networks in December. According to court records, given The Oregonian, in February, he went from Washington to Oregon to meet her at Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Pendleton.

February 10 Cavazos secretly snuck into the girl’s room. According to assistant U.S. attorney Jennifer Martin, the man was hiding from her grandfather under the bed and in the closet until February 25.

Eventually the man caught the suspect in his house, which is located in the Umatilla Indian reservation.

After Cavazos kicked out, he managed to sneak back in the house before it was re-discovered in the girl’s room March 11 and was arrested.

Cavazos was accused of sexually abusing minors. His lawyer argued that the client may be an intellectual cripple.

«When I started reading the nature of the accusations, I was really surprised at what I read, the judge said Julia Jim Yu — I have never known anyone who, allegedly, lived in the bedroom of 12-year-old child within a month».

Cavazos has repeatedly admitted that had sex with the girl.