27-year-old police from Florida accidentally ran over a man on the beach

Police from Florida accidentally ran over a man vacationing on the beach in Indian shores, town in Pinellas County on the West coast of Florida.

It happened during an evening patrol.

As representatives of the Sheriff’s office, 66-year-old fan of beach rest William Koziarz was taken to Bayfront Health hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Law enforcement authorities said that 27-year-old officer Natasha Hindman was driving at a slow speed along the beach by car Ford Explorer, when the left tire of the vehicle drove through the thigh of the man. The officer stopped the car and immediately assisted Koziarz, until the place is not the EMTs arrived. The incident is being investigated, but found that the car was moving at a slow speed.

Earlier this month, Florida began to soften measures to block the pandemic COVID-19. On may 4, the state is gradually emerging from quarantine.

«Open beach areas provide visitors with access only to active recreation. This includes walking, running, swimming, and fishing. To sunbathe or just lie on the beaches is impossible», — reads the statement of the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. In the County of palm beach the beaches plan to open only on may 18.

According to the latest Department of health in Florida, the sunshine state was 40 596 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1 721 fatal.