The Teens wrapped the quarantine to their advantage, when ordering drinks for the house

As bars and restaurants across the country had to close their doors to visitors, greatly increased the delivery of alcoholic beverages on the house. Due to the fact that a lot of people get the delivery of the alcohol in the house, some government agencies are warning restaurants that a minor benefit of the situation that was brought to them by spirits.

California Department alcoholic beverage control issued a report saying that young Americans receive home delivery of alcoholic beverages. According to the Department, it turns out that intermediary companies which deliver products at home, do not fulfill their legal obligations and do not verify the age of buyers.

Based on recent investigations in California, the Department found «significant violations of law,» often due to use of the services of intermediary companies. According to the Department, «juvenile habitually buy alcohol from delivery from restaurants.»

California Department alcoholic beverage control wants to remind companies that the delivery of alcohol – ultimately their responsibility, even when used as a delivery system via an intermediary company.

That’s what the statement says the Department: «ultimately, for the delivery of alcoholic beverages in locations that are remote from restaurants, responsible recipients of licenses, regardless of whether delivered by their own staff member or used the services of the intermediary company on behalf of the licensee or anyone to whom the licensee gave alcoholic beverages for delivery to another person. This applies to all deliveries of alcoholic beverages, under the relaxed regulatory requirements or in accordance with the existing relief of the license».

This means that if the licensed seller of alcoholic beverages uses an intermediary company for online orders, and alcoholic beverages will be delivered to a minor, the seller may face legal consequences.