13.5 million views: viral video you can see how quickly the coronavirus may spread in the restaurant

A disturbing video from Japan demonstrates how quickly coronavirus can spread aboard a cruise ship or in a restaurant when infected by only one person.

According to the experiment conducted by public broadcaster NHK, in collaboration with experts in infectious diseases, 10 people had dinner at the buffet.

Fluorescent paint visible only under black light was applied to the palm of one of the subjects, which was called «infected» person. The paint is a deadly pathogen.

All participants were at the reception for half an hour. The footage shows how they relate to various dishes, to put food.

At the end of the feast the room is dark and radiates ultraviolet light. The footage shows how invisible paint spread almost everywhere, including silver, dishes, clothes, and mobile phones.

John Nicholls, clinical Professor of pathology at the University of Hong Kong, said the experiment demonstrates how quickly a virus could spread.

NHK conducted an experiment to see how germs spread at a cruise buffet.

They applied fluorescent paint to the hands of 1 person and then had a group of 10 people dine.

In 30 min the paint had transferred to every individual and was on the faces of 3.

— Spoon & Tamago (@Johnny_suputama) May 8, 2020

«The video showed that the virus is very efficiently spread on the surface and the people,» said Nichols of CNN.

In a separate experiment, the researchers set the bar and has taken measures to protect against the transmission of disease by separating tableware, frequent replacement of tongs and encouraging visitors to wash hands before, during and after a meal.

In this scenario, the paint had spread to 97% less than the original. A viral video has been viewed over 13.5 million times.