The boy ran away from home when her father and stepmother had forgotten to strap him to the bed with handcuffs

A 12 year old boy from Missouri was able to run away from home, where it hurt, after the parents have forgotten to fasten his handcuffs to the bed, he told police.

As reported by the Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison, the boy found an officer of the highway patrol of Missouri, which went along the route on may 2. The boy was from head to toe in bruises and confessed to police that he had just escaped.

«He was very lucky he was on the road, he just wanted someone stopped and helped him, and it so happened that he met the officer,» he told the news publication KSDK Harrison. «It was the answer to his prayers».

«This boy time to escape. That is, when you beat a little boy or hit someone in the face or head, it’s a miracle that this boy was not seriously injured… he had swollen eyes, forehead, the boy was beaten and he was mocked mom and dad, and I am very pleased that he slipped away and I’m glad there was a COP and that my detectives and deputies were able to play a role in his salvation,» — a little messy told Harrison.

The boy’s father, Christopher Kretz and his stepmother Nicole Kretz charged with mistreatment of a child. Christopher is also charged with kidnapping and illegal possession of firearms.

The couple told police that the boy was referred because he «stole» food and sweets, despite the disease.

It is noted that the boy weighed 74 pounds after he was taken to the hospital with a number of symptoms that accompany exhaustion.

«It breaks my heart, because the boy was handcuffed in his own home and he was abused by his own parents,» said Sheriff Harrison. He added that the teenager and other children of the family took the child services. He noted that signs of abuse were found only on the boy.

Christopher Kretz and Nicole Kretz was taken into custody. They were denied the right to be released on bail.