12 strange laws still in force in the US

12 strange laws still in force in the US prohibiting driving under the influence of alcohol exist all over the world. They are absolutely correct, logical and no one raises objections. In the US, in some states they also apply to vehicles such as bicycles, scooters and tractors. However, Wyoming went the farthest in this regard — here a special legal act prohibits getting drunk on skis. Such a drunken act is considered a minor offense. The harshest punishment for her is a twenty-day administrative arrest.

2. Blindfold driving 12 strange laws still in force in the US

There is a rather successful speech stamp: «I know the road so well that I can drive along it blindfolded.» Apparently, the legislators of the state of Alabama felt that life is full of all sorts of eccentrics, and some of them really can decide on something like that. In order to protect pedestrians, oncoming cars, lampposts and other infrastructure, the authorities voluntarily forbade driving, limiting vision with a physical barrier in the form of a bandage.

3. Speed ​​limit for horses

In the old days, Indiana people liked to race in the most unsuitable places for this, for example, on city streets. This posed a serious danger to pedestrians, so the state passed a law that prohibited horses from traveling at a speed of more than 10 miles per hour (16 km/h) anywhere in this administrative unit of the United States. In recent decades, it has lost relevance, but continues to operate. Apparently, in case humanity has to switch to horses again.

4. Protecting Bigfoot

Bigfoot is the American analogue of Bigfoot or, as he is also called, Yeti. The existence of this representative of the megafauna has not yet been proven by anyone, however, many US residents believe that he is hiding from people, so they regularly go to forests, mountains and other secluded corners of the country in search of him. Some of these eccentrics go on their expeditions armed, which led Washington State to pass a law in 1969 making shooting Bigfoot a felony and punishable by five years in prison. It should be added that here these mysterious creatures are recognized as an endangered species.

5. Hateful raccoons 12 strange laws still in force in the US

Washington is not the only state with eccentric fishing regulations. They can boast, for example, Virginia. This part of the USA is famous for its rich hunting traditions. Many locals regularly go to nature to shoot birds and mammals for dinner. It is allowed to do this on any day of the week except Sunday, but there is nothing surprising in this. Similar restrictions apply in many states. The funny thing is that Virginia makes an exception for one animal species, namely raccoons. They can be killed anywhere and anytime, including on Sunday. Why they angered the local legislators so much, one can only guess.

6. Frog starts

In the United States, a very strange sport enjoys some popularity. Frogs are scared, after which they look at which of them jumped from the source of danger further than their competitor. From time to time, this stress ends tragically, and the California authorities have done everything possible to ensure that the corpses of the dead «athletes» are treated appropriately. The state has a law that prohibits race organizers from using amphibian carcasses for cooking. This means that the owner of a dead frog cannot compensate for the bitterness of losing it by eating it. It's a shame, isn't it?

7. Cucumbers

In Connecticut, pickles are incredibly serious. The latter are undeniably extremely disgusting if they are too soft, so they decided to ensure the quality of the product through a special law. It states that every pickled cucumber sold in the state must bounce off it when it hits the floor. It may seem that this crazy legal act has never been put into practice, but it is not. Back in 1948, two negligent sellers who sold too soft cucumbers were still held accountable.

8. Harassment of pizza delivery men

Pizza and other ready-to-eat deliveries make the mistake of ringing doorbells for people who haven't ordered anything from time to time. This can also happen as a result of a stupid prank, and if the client inadvertently indicated the wrong address. However, it always causes very unpleasant feelings. As with a delivery man who loses his honestly earned money, so with a needlessly disturbed citizen who can only smell yummy, but not bite off it. Be that as it may, in Louisiana, sending ready-made food to a person who did not actually order it is considered harassment (harassment). Practice shows that even a person who accidentally made a mistake with the delivery address can pay a fine of $ 500 for an offense.

9. Bureaucracy on the warpath with bureaucracy

Sometimes legislators open their eyes, and they realize that they cannot regulate something all the time. One of the most striking cases of this kind occurred in 2013, as a result of the excessive activity of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This official was known for his passionate desire to limit everything that his hands could reach. He outlawed soda in large containers and required cafes and restaurants to count the calories in their dishes and report them to customers. Mississippi authorities realized that they did not want to see such unbridled bureaucracy, so they passed a law prohibiting municipal officials from demanding information about the nutritional value of dishes in catering establishments. What is the result? Another bureaucratic «masterpiece» that everyone is laughing at.

10. Bingo! 12 strange laws still in force in the US

Bingo is a slow-paced, slow-paced cash game most commonly played by older people in the United States. This is a good, kind tradition that helps brighten up the last years of life. However, one must understand that old people are naturally irritable, so their mass gatherings often end in uniform scandals that can easily turn into scuffles. The authorities of North Carolina decided to fight this unpleasant phenomenon through a ban on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in places where bingo players gather.

11. Pinball

In South Carolina, meanwhile, there are restrictions on the exact opposite age group — minors. They are not allowed to play pinball. Apparently, the legislators at some point decided that this game is too reckless and can put the younger generation on the path of gambling addiction. This is probably the only place on the entire planet where children cannot calmly approach a characteristic-looking machine and drive a ball inside it.

12. Fighting bears

The last legal act for today may give the impression that some special people live in the state of Louisiana: either too cool and strong, or too stupid. And how else to explain the fact that they are not allowed to fight with bears by a separate law? Sources do not say whether at least one person was prosecuted under this article, but the sanction is prescribed here just in case — a fine of five hundred dollars and imprisonment for up to six months.