Texas has banned abortions after the 6th week. Biden vowed to take action

Texas has banned abortions after the 6th week. Biden vowed to take action

In Texas, USA, a law came into force, according to which women cannot have an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. He has already begun to act. What do the Americans and the President of the country think about this? Read today in USA.ONE:

Texas bans abortions after 6 weeks

Joe Biden's comment.

Texas restricts abortion law goes into effect Texas has banned abortions after the 6th week. Biden vowed to take action

The so-called "Heartbeat Act" Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed in May of this year. Several organizations, including the Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, a network of women's clinics, tried to challenge it in the Supreme Court. On Monday, August 30, these and other organizations petitioned to suspend the law in Texas while its legality is being challenged in the courts. Late on Wednesday evening, September 1, the Supreme Court formally denied the petition. Five of the nine Republican-appointed judges voted to implement the law.

According to liberal judge Sonia Sotomayor, who voted against, the ruling was overwhelming, and her colleagues simply preferred to hide their heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to the unconstitutional law, which blatantly violates the freedom of women to exercise their rights. Opponents of the Texas law are trying to challenge it in lower federal courts so that it will again reach the Supreme Court and be considered on its merits. According to the Civil Liberties Union, millions of Texas women have literally lost the right to have an abortion.

Texas has banned abortions after the 6th week. Biden vowed to take action

US President Joe Biden has already given his comment on this matter. In particular, he said:

"The law passed in Texas grossly violates the constitutional right established in "Roe v. Wade", which has been considered as a precedent for almost 50 years&#34 ;.

This is a 1973 case, when the Supreme Court legally secured the right to abortion for US residents. The president called the Texas law «an unprecedented attack on women's constitutional rights.» He stated that he was launching an "interagency effort" and has already tasked the White House Council on Gender Policy and Lawyers with exploring how the government can "ensure women in Texas have access to legal and safe abortions, as well as what legal tools are available to protect health care providers and women from strange system put in place in the state that empowers private individuals.".

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Texas is considered a conservative state and the second largest and most populous state. The issue of abortion has divided American society and remains one of the most pressing at the moment. It is believed that at a period of 6 weeks the heart of the fetus begins to beat, although doctors call this approach misleading. Together with women's rights activists, they criticized the new law, according to which anyone can sue a doctor who performed an abortion after the due date. 6 weeks. According to representatives of the Planned Parenthood clinic network, the innovation is a gross violation of the US constitution.

"In any case, we will not back down and continue the fight. Everyone has the right to an abortion," they wrote on their Twitter page.

What is the new law about? Texas has banned abortions after the 6th week. Biden vowed to take action

According to the Supreme Court ruling in "Roe v. Wade" dated 1973, American women have the right to terminate a pregnancy before the time when the fetus becomes viable outside the uterus, which is the 22-24th week. "Heartbeat Act" shortens this period by more than three times. Opponents of the law say that many women do not yet realize that they are pregnant within 6 weeks. And the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists insists that the concept of & # 34; heartbeat & # 34; erroneous. They say that at this time there is only a lump of tissue from which the heart has yet to develop as the embryo grows.

Until now, any restrictive law of this kind in the United States threatened doctors with criminal prosecution for violating it and even a ban on continuing medical practice. The authors of the "Heartbeat Act" for the first time resorted to the right to civil action to control compliance with the law. This means that anyone, not necessarily a resident of Texas, even if the case does not concern him, can sue anyone involved in an illegal abortion for 10 thousand dollars.

These include not only doctors, but hospital staff, family members, and even priests who gave a woman the "wrong" advice. Only abortions for medical reasons can be an exception, and then only with a written opinion from a doctor.

Texas has banned abortions after the 6th week. Biden vowed to take action

Now women in Texas who want to terminate a pregnancy for more than 6 weeks will be forced to travel outside the state. We are talking about a distance of up to 400 km. According to Kim Schwartz of the Texas-based anti-abortion organization Right to Life, courts often drag out illegal abortion cases for years, which is against the will of the people. In her opinion, the courts will decide on fines only if there is strong evidence. And the Civil Liberties Union believes that the law will become a way to put pressure on doctors and women, as well as a tool for hunting for profit.

What do Americans think of the Texas law

According to a June poll, most US residents believe that abortion should be legal until the fetus can exist on its own outside the uterus. They are in support of the ruling in "Roe v. Wade". The opinions of citizens were divided along party lines: the legality of abortion was supported by 70% of Democrats, 35% of Republicans and 47% of independent voters.

According to a Pew Center sociological survey, 59% of US residents are in favor of the right to terminate a pregnancy «in all or most cases», and 39% are against it. An April poll in Texas found that the "Heartbeat Act" supports half of the state's population.

Texas has banned abortions after the 6th week. Biden vowed to take action

The new law passed in Texas is just one of the attempts to limit the right to abortion in the states controlled by the Republicans. In 2021, there were more of them than in the last 50 years. A 6-week threshold for women to decide whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy was also set in South Carolina, Idaho, and Oklahoma, but counterclaims quickly blocked it from going into effect.

Abortion opponents began to feel more confident after How did the composition of the Supreme Court change? Conservatives and Liberals are now represented in a ratio of 6:3. Abortion proponents fear that this could eventually lead to a retrial of Roe v. Wade, with the right to terminate a pregnancy falling under the control of each individual state. That means Republican-led conservative states could ban abortion entirely.

How far the Texas example will go is unknown, but in her speech on Thursday, September 2, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House representatives will discuss and vote on a bill that would prohibit states from limiting the timing of abortion, as they did in Texas.

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