In new York there were yoga classes in the style of «Nude»

In new York there were yoga classes in the style of «Nude»

Many people believe that yoga is not for everyone. But wait, you haven’t heard that in new York appeared yoga naked – this is exactly the extremely specific niche.

Unusual classes are the brainchild of Naked in Motion. They are designed to help participants to take their body and how it looks combined with useful exercise by providing an opportunity to meditate. This is probably the most unusual sports in the city, but who in our progressive time you need something perfectly normal?

In new York there were yoga classes in the style of «Nude»

The company noted that yoga in the style of «Nude» there is no sexual connotation, despite the fact that nudity is one of the mandatory conditions for participation in the classroom. The fairer sex and transsexuals is even a small indulgence — they have the opportunity to train in underwear. Classes are held in various halls and their cost varies from $15 to $25. The group usually consist of 15 to 30 people, and the level of physical training of participants does not matter. Everything you need to come to class in Naked in Motion is your own yoga Mat (or towel to practice on rented), no hesitation or fears, as well as a bit of enthusiasm and desire to work.

In the program of training includes everything that one can expect from ordinary yoga, such as postures of the tree, the hero or chair, as well as inspiration, encouragement and a lesson on how to love yourself.

To make a lesson on the site Naked in Motion.


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