Sudmedekspertizy called the real cause of death Carrie Fisher

Sudmedekspertizy called the real cause of death Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher died from sleep apnea — these unexpected data are released on Friday in the office of coroner County of Los Angeles. The cause of death of Hollywood actress became the temporary cessation of breathing during sleep and the combination of additional factors, including atherosclerosis and receiving multiple medications.

The Department has not provided a full report about the autopsy results, saying only that the arteries Fisher was in a bad condition due to fatty deposits on their walls.

The iconic actress died 27 December last year at the medical center named after Reagan in Los Angeles, where she was taken after the heart stops during a flight from London. Her death came on the fourth day after admission. Unable to bear the loss, the mother of actress Debbie Reynolds, died from a stroke the next day.

The role of Princess Leia in the space Saga «Star wars,» passed away at the age of 60 years. Fans of celebrity said goodbye to her one day, arranging the numerous flash mobs throughout the country.

6 Jan Fisher, buried on the territory of the Hollywood hills.