Escape from Boston for the weekend

Escape from Boston for the weekend

We love Boston for its authentic atmosphere. Because it is both European and American, perfectly poised at the crossroads of cultures. But no matter where we live, sooner or later the routine covers your head, and charm of the beloved city is starting to slip away. Take the situation into their own hands, planned the nearest weekend outside the city! A list of correct places in the Boston area.

Cape Cod

«Cape cod» is located 120 miles from Boston. This is the most Eastern point of Massachusetts. Cape cod forms the Outer archipelago lends that stretches to new York. The climate here is temperate for its extraordinary softness should thank the Atlantic ocean.

1.5 hours by car

Experience the charm of Cape Code, immersed in the book, Henry Beston «House on the edge of the earth«. The author wrote it about these parts! About the local nature and life on the Cape.

Watch a movie «Summer games«(2001), listen to the song Patti Page «Old Cape Cod«. And better put the gadget and go!

Escape from Boston for the weekend

Myles Standish State Forest

To this wonderful forest from Boston will have to drive only 70 km to the South. And it is the largest recreational area owned by the state, in this part of Massachusetts. You are guaranteed a leisurely stroll among ancient pines, 16 amazing lakes and neighborhood with local turtles.

about an hour by car

Escape from Boston for the weekend

Swim, fish or go hunting. Choose between kayaking and Canoeing. Or maybe just a quiet family picnic?

Good things: in the forest, 24 km of bike lanes, 56 miles of horse trails, and 21 miles for Hiking.

White Mountains

To get to the White mountains is only 2 hours travel by car. This ridge is part of the mountain system Appalachian. And it, in turn, called the most difficult in new England! But available for walking places here, too, abound.

2 hours by car

Escape from Boston for the weekend

White Mountain National Forest. A local celebrity, the highest point of the North-Eastern United States — mount Washington. Here blow the most powerful winds on the surface of the Earth! Washington is part of the Presidential range (every mountain party «Association» named in honor of the President of the United States).

Another attraction – The old man on the mountain the site , which until 2003 was located on the mountain cannon. Mountainous terrain, resembling the profile of the wrinkled men in old age still remains a symbol of the state, even after his collapse.

The ridge is strewn with huts for travelers. And once some of them are the real artists. Even in the nineteenth century formed the term – «School White mountains«. Come for inspiration and just to admire this natural wonder.

Adirondack Mountains

Such a journey for the more patient passengers will have to overcome a path length of 4 hours away by car. But a breath of fresh air and cheerfulness for the coming work week worth it.

4 hours by car

You walk through the coniferous and mixed forests, in places where started the downhill skiers at the Olympic games in 1980 (the slopes of mount Whiteface).

Escape from Boston for the weekend

For a carefree holiday on the lakes Adirondack’s there are resort complexes. Look for them on the waters Lake Placid, Lake George, Saranac, Shroon Lake (Schroon Lake) and The St. Regis Lakes (St. Regis Lakes).

Almost the entire territory of the Park you can hunt and fish (excluding special economic zones). So be sure to grab a fishing rod – the local streams and lakes are teeming with trout and black bass!

Riding on punts, kayaks and canoes are not even discussed. Traffic to choose from – for beginners, there are quiet streams, and for experienced rowers – a rapid and extreme flow.

For those who love Hiking – intricate trails and rocks. Kin Valley (Keene Valley), Wallface (Wallface), near the mountains Pok-o-Moonshine (Pok-O-Moonshine), rock Moss Cliffs (Moss Cliffs) and rock Rogers Rock (Rogers Rock).

For the most scenic views in the Park – on the mountain Withas (Whiteface Mountain). Don’t miss the gorge between the mountains Algonquin and Wallface (Wallface Mountains) that is called Indian pass.


This popular summer vacation spot you need to go, just 1.5 hours by car. And not only here in the summer is something to see! Take, for architecture. Newport – one of the richest owners of colonial buildings in the United States. Come to the historic city center to admire the old wooden houses of XVII and XVIII century. Not to mention the villas of the late nineteenth century (Avenue Bellevue that is adjacent to rocky shore of the ocean). In some of these villas can be accessed with a guided tour!

1.5 hours by car

Escape from Boston for the weekend

In Newport to go for a cultural experience – here, for example, the annual international jazz festival. And going to such an event only the best performers from around the world!

One of the main attractions of the city – The Newport Cliff Walk. This 5.6 km, stretching from the Eastern to the Western part of the beach. This walk is absolutely free and is open to visit. Breathtaking ocean views and luxury villas. Get dressed and get your shoes on comfortably! Breathe, meditate and be inspired.

Plimouth Plantation

Escape from Boston for the weekend

Only 45 minutes by car gets you to the first European settlement in New England! This is a huge ethnographic and historical complex, which includes a traditional Museum exhibition, and the whole settlement of Indians and the first colonists.

55 min by car


30 minutes by car to the city, where once burned the witches. Here on them in the past half century was an active hunt. On WGN recently ended third season of the show «Salem«about these dark times. The city has earned a place in the credits on the rights of the mystic character in all its glory and darkness. By the way, the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne «Scarlet letter«unfolding here too.

40 min by car

Escape from Boston for the weekend

In General, in this city you need to go to those who are mystical and interested in the historical component more than natural.


I watched the film by American Director Kenneth Lonergan «Manchester by the sea«? This picture with Casey Affleck and Lucas hedges by, among other things, at the time earned 6 Oscar nominations! So to get to the Manchester-by-the-sea is 40 minutes of your life.

45 min by car

Escape from Boston for the weekend

Upon arrival, go to the beach Singing Beach on a walk in the Park Coolidge Reservation (especially if you small children), or Manchester by the Book fabulous bookstore with a large range of quality literature. There are even copies signed by their authors! Bought here a novel will help you relax and will fill a pause during the weekend.