New York again the coming snow storm

New York again the coming snow storm

Midwest and northeast The US is preparing for another round with snow storm that will come in the regions on Tuesday.

According to AccuWeather meteorologist Jacob Saidi, on the morning of 6 February in the States of the Midwest snows begin. Likely cancellation or long delay of flights.

New York again the coming snow storm

By Wednesday snow storm gets to the northeast. The most significant precipitation is expected on the Great lakes, Pennsylvania, New York and new England. This joy is the ski resorts of the Adirondacks, Green and White mountains (Adirondacks, Green and White Mountains) cover the snow cover with thickness up to ft.

«In some regions in the North-East can go not just snow, but icy rain, warned Jacob Sojda. According to forecasts, this will happen at the southern Ohio valley, the Atlantic coast of New England.»

The problem is that after the rain in the region will come the cold, so that by Wednesday night the road can turn into a real ice rink.

All motorists who have to travel these days, we recommend you to be cautious, to plan in advance the route and be ready to adjust plans.