In new York, died Vadim Mulerman

In new York, in the 80th year passed away popular singer of the times of the Soviet Union Vadim Mulerman.

His «Lada», «the Coward does not play hockey», «August», «How nice to be a General» became real hits. Thanks lyric baritone Vadim Mulerman all now know exactly who does not play hockey, and the parents call their girls Frets.

This material was written based on an interview with a guest artist in the period of his life in Kharkiv — the city where he was born, wanted to spend the rest of my life and where it will be buried.

«It’s kind of like long ago emigrated to America…» — said some, after learning that Vadim Mulerman lives in Kharkov.

The fate of Vadim Iosifovich was really long «American period». In 1991, he moved to the USA where she sang, worked on Russian radio, and at night drove a taxi to earn money to help my brother, who doctors have diagnosed with cancer. But for the past three years, as the artist returned to his hometown. He lives with his family in the quiet center, in a three-room apartment on the ground floor. (Since then, as once one of the cables of the Elevator, which drove Vadim I. ended, the singer doesn’t like heights.) The neighbours ‘ loud singing does not violate says that the house never sings. Raising with his wife two daughters. «Who’s the leader in your family?» — ask. «In the kitchen — me!» — Svetlana laughs. «We have no leader, solid democracy. Of course, some crucial questions I decide», — says Vadim Iosifovich.

«Coward does not play hockey», «Last train», «Lada» — these songs are performed by Vadim Mulerman remarkably tenacious. By the way, it turns out that Lada went for a walk around Union from Kharkov. «I wrote Shainsky «Lada», says to me, «Give it to quickly write down and classify on the radio.» Recorded, carried. And they said, “No, you can’t. A bad word. What it is: “the Century is not a barrier?” I said, “what confuses you?” “Well, of course, the centenary of Lenin…” And “light” in Moscow, I forbade her to sing. But those years were still away “Lights”, they were broadcast from other cities. I came home to Kharkiv, I got a call from the television: “Vadik, we now have a “Spark” goes, you have something new?” “Is” is. — “Come on.” He sang “Fret” on television. And the next day were all drunk under the fence of her singing,» — says Vadim Iosifovich.

Fame came to him in 1969 in Berlin, after winning the competition. The best voice of Europe Karel Gott said about Vladimir Mulerman: «This is the only person I was able to defeat me!» According to the singer, he was awarded the medal «the Best singer of the decade», he brought her to Moscow where we said, «Let me see» — and away. They say it’s not your reward, and the state. Never gave.

2 years later Vadim Mulerman, by his own admission, called the head of the radio and television «fascist» and suddenly from a popular artist was banned, disappeared from the TV screens and radio. The Nazis, our hero is hated since the war. Turns out he managed to «partizanai» during the second occupation of Kharkov: «On Frunze street was then the German part. They hung out in the yard their underpants, sheets. And older boys dug in there with Olminskogo underpass. The narrow hole to climb could only I — and stole clothes, which then we changed the bread. And that’s because I am a fascist no pants left me in Israel issued a medal as a participant in the war. Funny, of course.»

«I am often asked: «why did you come to Kharkov?» — chuckles the actor. — I gave myself a vow that I would return home. Moscow and abroad was temporary — I always knew that I must return to Kharkiv. Why is difficult to explain, I love my city. Here my family lives here my grave. I have the last years of his life to spend at home and to be this town useful.»

About entertainment

«Hobby no no. Used to collect lighters and then one day gave all. Love to watch sports. Football, basketball, because he once played. Moonshine love more than vodka. Chacha like, I often send friends».

About sports

«Charging finished long ago. If you Wake up and feel not very well, no sudden movements do not take, doctors. Heart, blood pressure… When I was doing free-style wrestling, and a coach once told me: “Vadim, then the load will go large and you smoke. So make a choice: cigarettes or sport”. I thought about it and have chosen cigarette is very much like Smoking. And I am a candidate master of sports in draughts. Did I play hockey? No, “real men play hockey”. So I’m not a real man. Rather, it may be true, but not a hockey player».

About the risk

«Marriage — that is the risk for me was, I’m older Lights for 30 years. Thought for a long time — the whole day».

About life difficulties

«70-year Director of radio and television was Sergei Lapin, who was an anti-Semite and the first thing ordered: «Remove all Zionist faces on the screen.» Once I cut from a recording of the concert, but they came nakladochka: on the stage stood another artist, and left the stage I! Flawed. This angered me, I’m calling Lapino right from the entrance “Ringtones” and asked why I cut. Answers: “And who told you that I cut you?” I didn’t say because it was my friend from the office. Then he says, “don’t want to talk, then that’s blackmail. And with a blackmailer I don’t want to talk.” I told him: “I don’t want to talk with a fascist”. He says: “Ah, so! So, while I’m alive, anywhere you live will not be!»»

On the modern stage

«Unfortunately, on stage almost let real singers who have no money and connections. They can’t through this mafias to break. We were treated to a complete bad taste — «Musi — pusi»… Let no one take offense of my younger colleagues, maybe someday they will come to the human song.»

About their shortcomings and advantages

«And who has no flaws? Creative people, like children, are very vulnerable. I can bump into a person if all of a sudden I feel that he is wrong. To confront him, and then sit down and think. And if I’m wrong, then sorry. Quick-tempered, but easily appeased, I can yell, but it is not vindictive. I care and want to see in people is an amazing feeling — conscience.»