In Indiana on highway spilled $600 million (video)

The morning of may 2 highway in Indiana, «turned green» when the tailgate of the truck Brinks opened and the track was showered with thousands of dollars.

The incident occurred on Interstate 70near Indianapolis. On the highway began to stop cars, and nearby houses people rushed to «help» collect the money.

Initially, the police said that the road slept up to $600 thousand, but later said they were not sure of the amount. It is not clear what opened the door of the truck. By the way, the driver found out about it only when he said a passing motorist.

Law enforcement authorities have made it clear: all who decided to keep the found money, will be prosecuted for theft.

«If you took the money from the scene, contact the police at Indiana, said Sergeant John Perin. — Do it voluntarily — and there will be no sanctions.»

The police said that viewing video from surveillance cameras to identify license plates of the drivers hands which is «stuck» dollars. Among them — the driver of a school bus.

Brinks is a company engaged in transportation of valuable goods.

Video from Jazmyne Danae shows people picking up money on the side of WB I-70 after it flew out of a Brinks truck; the truck lost $600K in cash

— FOX59 News (@FOX59) May 2, 2018