Mother’s Day | Women who gave America Abraham Lincoln

Today the whole world celebrates Mother’s Day. Official status in the U.S., the holiday was only on 8 may 1914. Sure, if he used, Abraham Lincoln, like most of us today, with love and excitement would choose what to give to your mom.

It so happened that Lincoln had two loving and in all its supported mother: Nancy Hanks and Sarah Bush.

On the origin of Nancy Hanks very little is known. Lincoln himself told his friend and first biographer William Herndonthat she was the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy planter from Virginia, but this information is still a matter of controversy. Whatever it is, Lincoln loved his mother immensely. «All I owe to my mother angel… all of who I became and who I will», he said to Herndon.

Nancy died when Abraham was just 9 years old. About the circumstances of her death today of debate. Common version — «milky disease«arising from consumption of poisoned milk. The fact is that sooner of pastures as such did not exist, cows were grazing in the forest and was eaten poisonous «snake grass» (snakeroot or Ageratina altissima). Peroperatively did not realize what trouble brings the milk, and the disease «mow,» then the whole village.

Today, researchers have put forward another, quite reasonable, the cause of death of Nancy Hanks — Oncology. Many biographers of the 16th President of the USA believe that from his mother he inherited not only angular facial features, character and melancholy and the illness. A few years ago, an American cardiologist and the author of several scientific works John SOTOS suggested that Lincoln had a rare genetic disorderthat triggers the development of cancer. And if the President is not shot in 1865, long’s he still would not have lived. Of course, without analysis of DNA is just a theory.

But back to how the life of the child Abraham had a second mother.

A year after the death of his wife That Lincoln realized that without a woman it is very difficult to live and raise children. At this time he learned that Sarah Bush, which he in his youth has already made a proposal, a widow, left with lots of debt my husband and three kids. And if 13 years ago, she refused to marry Tom, but this time agreed.

Little Abraham began to call Sara, mom. Thanks to her love and care he managed to survive and accept the death of his mother. The stepmother played an important role in the development of Lincoln as a politician and later as President. Thanks to her persistence, the boy loved reading. She could not read, but bought the books to Abraham, and persuaded her husband that their son needs to attend school.

Growing up and leaving home, Lincoln always remembered her stepmother with love and gratitude. His father, with whom he had a complicated relationship, Abraham never saw, Sarah, he kept in touch before the end of his life.

The last time Sarah saw my favorite in the winter of 1861: he came to her on the way to Washington, where he was going to take the presidency. On hearing this, the woman immediately felt anxiety: her motherly heart suggested that she Abraham not see. And so it happened. In the spring of 1865 he was shot.

Sarah Bush Lincoln died after 4 years. She was buried in the dress that gave Abraham in their latest meeting.