Small town USA | Wichita — air capital of the world

There is a popular stereotype that life is only in the big cities. Lights there — brighter. Prospects are better. Want to become a great man — go in new York, San Francisco, Los Angeles. And in provincial towns doing nothing… They are slow, sedate, every day here is exactly the same as the previous one. But is it today? The world is changing so fast that yesterday’s high-tech novelty, the dream of every fashionista, tomorrow is a rarity. So, maybe our beliefs are too outdated?

Today, the U.S. is home to more than 325 million people, of which 82% are citizens. Half of them residents of cities with population over 50 thousand people. In large agglomerations such as new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, account for about 53 million people. And the rest? They remain in small districts, and hardly out of despair. Here and live easier, and ecology are often better. For example, the wonderful town of Wichita, we show how diverse and rich life can be in the province!

A bit of history

Another 11 thousand years ago the territory of present-day Wichita served the indigenous tribes of the place for meetings and conducting business transactions. The first settlement here was in 1863, with the advent of the land Wichita tribe. However, from time to time the area remained a transit point, although it attracts more and more entrepreneurs from across the country. They settled here, built houses, worked and brought their families. Finally in 1970 Wichita officially became a city.

The petition for the assignment of the settlement status of the city was signed on 21 July 1870. Among the citizens who have signed it, had only one woman, Kathryn McCarthy, the owner of the Laundry. Her son, Henry McCarthy many years later would become a famous killer, nicknamed Billy the Kid, the symbol of the Wild West.

After receiving the Wichita city status, his business went up the hill. The main factors of development are:

Chishamba road — new trade route from the North to the Eastern United States, which overtook the cattle, causing Wichita even called the Town of cows. Later, with the development of railway communication, the way of the cattle drives moved West, shaking the position of Wichita.

High demand for grains. By 1890, the country increased grain consumption. Wichita became a center of storage and processing, restoring its former prosperity.

The oil production. In 1918, near Wichita have discovered large deposits of oil. Flowed into the city investment, and new residents. The population of Wichita has grown by more than half.

Aircraft. Due to high profits, local entrepreneurs were among the first to invest in the development of aircraft. The main achievements in the city associated with the names of Lloyd Sterman, Walter Beech and Clyde Cessna founded the first production. Then came the Second world war that turned a small town in the main center of aviation industry of the country. Today Wichita is known as the air capital of the world, which produces 70% of all American planes.

So enterprising residents of a small Kansas town has turned it into an economic centre of global importance. It was in Wichita was founded such well known companies as Coleman, White Castle, Pizza Hut, Big Dog Motorcycles, and Koch Industries.

What you didn’t know about Wichita

Throughout its history, the city has seen many interesting events worthy of the best film adaptations of Hollywood. By the way, in 1955, was filmed Western about the customs of its inhabitants in the late nineteenth century. The film was called «Wichita».

So, 7 facts that you might be interested to know:

1. Against drunkenness with the axe

In the early twentieth century, Wichita was out editorials of the leading Newspapers of the United States. By that time in Kansas for more than 20 years operated a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages, however business is not in the least worried. Wichita laborers are not accustomed myself in something to deny just because someone is forbidden. And local businessmen were not going to give up profits. But against the unbreakable Union of the seller and the consumer strongly advocated a kind of Carrie Nairn. 27 December 1900 she has caused genuine mayhem in the hotel bar, «Eaton»: smashed glass, mirror, severely damaged paintings depicting in a somewhat obscene manner Cleopatra. Moral deboshirki immediately arrested, but that did not quenched her ardor. Carrie Nairn and her followers have declared war on local liquor tycoons. With axes, they broke into bars and dispersed them regulars. The leader of the drinkers were arrested in total at least 30 times!

2. A tribute to the roots

Primary school in the Northern part of the Wichita bears the name of Henry GOU cloud, the first representative of indigenous population of America, received higher education at Yale University. Cloud became known as a prominent intellectual and a fighter for the rights of his people.

3. No to racism!

Historians of the civil rights movement in the United States argue that Wichita black Americans were the first to take seats in the restaurants exclusively for whites. It began in July 1958 at the Dockum Drugstore. Black visitors for a few weeks refused to leave the occupied place, demanding to be served along with white, in the end, the owner was forced to agree.

4. The world’s largest bear

In 2008, the native of Wichita Dana Warren got into the Guinness Book of records as the Creator of the world’s largest — a 13-meter!!! — a Teddy bear.

5. Machines do not hit, do not spit the bones

As you know, in every hut their rattles. I mean — its taboo. So, in the Wichita suburb of Derby you can be arrested if you try to hit the machine that sell drinks, chocolates and other trifles. Even if it stole your money! By the way, is not the original ban. Also here we can not apply on Sundays cherry pie and spitting in a tube cherry pits.

6. Mouse in law

In January 2013, Wichita police held a press conference to report the results of the investigation into the theft of marijuana from the Department of physical evidence. The culprit was… a mouse.

7. Sanctions the clouds to disperse

In Wichita and throughout Kansas, punishable as illegal, any attempt to change the weather without prior approval of the authorities.

Wichita today

About modern Wichita its residents say: «We live in such a great city that they do not notice». And it’s true! Wichita is making incredible progress. The path from livestock to the production of modern Airliners took just over 50 years. And all thanks to the special entrepreneurial spirit of Wichita. In 2018 this is not the city of cows and not just a global center of aircraft construction. It’s very much its own, living by their own laws the world with a population of over 400 thousand people and not exhausted.

Wichita does not get tired to prove that sometimes the small towns of prospects than the big cities. So, the city has long recovered from the great recession of 2009, when the unemployment rate jumped to 11%. The main impact was on the aircraft. But by 2018, the situation has stabilized, and now unemployment in the city exceeds the usual 4%.

Live in Wichita no less interesting than in some San Francisco, and three times cheaper. You have accustomed if you become a patriot of the city. Because the priority is always on the side of local production: you have to love local beer and local music! Wichita’s wayward, original and self-sufficient like a cat that walks by itself.

Things to do in Wichita

Roll on the weekend on the couch here is excusable only if you were very tired or you need to be alone with his thoughts. Wichita just made for walking and entertainment. Many assert that in small towns there is no culture, what a culture without the Opera house?

But let’s be honest: how often the average resident of new York, visits the Opera? In fact, in order to have a weekend, only need a couple of cozy bars, several restaurants with good food, green Park and 2-3 of the annual festival, which would have been nice to go with friends or family.

Downtown, with its pavements of red bricks and vintage lampposts, there are hundreds of modern companies, carefully preserving the appearance of the city mid-1800-ies. And in the building of the first plant Coleman, and in luxury villas locals everywhere feel: Wichita love and honor their past.

District Delano, where the cowboys did not abate drunken fights and skirmishes, today is for tourists, the danger of another kind. Now you risk to overdo it with tasting of local pastries and beer.

Downtown — a haven of hipsters and a laboratory of cultural experimentation. Be sure to visit the Gallery and Alley Pop-Up Urban Park, listen to local musicians, and at the same time try the best local snacks from mobile cafes.

In the Douglas Design District is very colorful, in every sense of the word, the institution, the Donut Whole. This popular café serves the most unexpected types of donuts. The walls of the buildings in the area densely covered with graffiti, telling visitors the history of the city.

For the most economical important announcement: every Friday, Final Friday, the best galleries, museums and concert venues Wichita invite you to visit — absolutely free!

If you are a connoisseur of live performance — in the warm time of year in the Botanic garden on Thursdays there are concerts under the open sky. And indeed in summer it is full of musicians who give concerts in the open air. Be sure to come in the summer in Wichita!

photo credit: Flickr/Chris Murphy