Winner of the American talent show, the Opera singer Neal Boyd died at the age of 42 years

It became known today about the sudden death of the popular artist Neal Boyd on Sunday, June 10. Recounting the event, said his mother. The singer was 42 years old.

Neil Boyd became well known after impressive performances on the show «America’s got talent» in 2008. Throughout the 3rd season, the man conquered the hearts of the jury and TV audience and in the end turned out to be the winner. The main prize was $1 million and a gig in Las Vegas, which gathered a huge number of people. After his triumph Boyd recorded the debut album «My American Dream«, released in 2009, which now enjoys great popularity among fans of his work. In 2013, Boyd released a second album called «My Christmas Wish«.

In February of last year, Boyd along with his mother got into a car accident. The singer received several serious injuries, including a broken hip. To restore they had to go through the long process of rehabilitation. However, due to issues with weight, there were complications. Besides Boyd suffered from kidney and heart failure. And on June 10 the body of the musician could not stand the load, and his heart stopped.

The story of the accident, the relatives of the singer for a long time concealed from the public. Only when journalists were interested in the cause of the disappearance of the popular artist, the family issued an official statement. Boyd had planned to finish the rehabilitation by the end of this year and return to work.

«Every time you face problems in your life there is a God who finds a way to get you on your feet. Of course, there are certain difficulties, such as health or psychological condition, but it seems that I soon will recover and will return to his beloved audience», — said in his statement Boyd.

Unfortunately, it happened differently, and a popular Opera singer will never please the fans with new compositions.