Scarlett Johansson will play a transgender person, opening a network of underground brothels

One of the highest paid Hollywood Actresses of our time Scarlett Johanssonmay be enrolled in the number of actors, who played the role of a transgender.

The star of «the Avengers» for the role in the biopic the Rub & Tug will transform into Lois Jean Gill, who thought she was a man and later became known as Dante «Tex» Gill.

Johansson will appear on the screens in the role of trangender, organized a network of clandestine brothels, in massage parlors Pittsburgh. By the way, the star will not only become the main person of the picture, but will also be its producer.

I hope the Scarlett Johansson controversy doesn’t keep the amazing story of Jean Marie Gill aka Dante «Tex» Gill from being told — if Johansson was smart, she’d find a new director take the role of Tex’s girlfriend Cynthia, and give a trans actor a big break:

— Grace Randolph (@GraceRandolph) July 4, 2018

The news has stirred up journalists, advocates and members of the LGBT community who were outraged that the casting was not invited neither is transgender.

On this, the press-Secretary of the stars said that the criticism «may be sent to the representatives Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto and felicity Huffman for comments». All of these famous Hollywood personalities have been recognized for the role of a transgender character.

But despite the insult to the feelings of minorities, some media still doubt whether Lois Gill transgender, actually.

For example, after her death, the obituary in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2003 States that «it has always been a woman who prefers to be known as a man.»

But according to police, the female gender all the time insisted that she was a man, and demanded to be called «Mr. Jill».

In addition, the us website Deadline called Jean «Queen of massage». In fact, the text says that the next film is «a story based on facts about the woman who strengthened their positions in the field of massage parlors, and the provision of sexual services, which was mainly led by men.»

So how long is unknown right whether criticism of a Hollywood star. And it dobyutsya whether transgender to become a part of the film, telling about their lives, feelings, fears and inner struggle.