They say Bert and Ernie from «sesame Street» — a gay couple. From the Muppets have a sexual orientation?

Writer of «sesame Street» mark Salzman confirmed what I wrote about Bert and Ernie as a gay couple building their relationship on the model and likeness of his — with his partner Arnold Glassman.

In an exclusive interview for the magazine «Queerty», Salzman said that for him the Muppets, who gained fame in 1969 were more than friends. Saltzman worked on the script from 1981 to 1990, and the relationship of characters in this period were deducted from his life with Director Arnold Glassman, who died in 2003.

The relations of the two residents of sesame street have always raised questions among the audience and the media. In 2011 there was even a petition to let Bert and Ernie the chance to enter into a legal marriage. She has collected 11 thousand signatures. According to Mark, the subtext between the two Muppets have not been a secret, and the fact that Bert and Ernie poured out the mark and Arnold, mentioned many of their friends.

However, Sesame Workshop produces the show, denied that the characters are in a relationship. According to the company, Bert and Ernie are best friends, no sexual orientation.

In his statement to NBC News, the representatives of the Sesame Workshop announced that the Muppets «teaching preschoolers: friends can very different people. But, despite the fact that it is the male characters — they remain puppets have no sexual orientation.»

Please see our statement below regarding Bert and Ernie.

— Sesame Workshop (@SesameWorkshop) September 18, 2018

Later, Saltzman said that his words about the relationship of Bert and Ernie have been misunderstood.

«Every writer brings to the work of his life — he told the New York Times. — But in the end it sounded like Bert and Ernie — gay-couple. It’s not the same».

Salzman added that among the characters of the show would not hurt the characters representing the LGBT community, but they should be people, not Muppets.

This is not the only scandal in the Dollhouse. So, Pampers has removed the image of the famous Muppets with their products. The company denies that reasons are in the gender scandal, while talking about what sexism in diapers was the reason for the redesign, not subside.