Picture Banksy has self-destructed immediately after the sale

In London at auction Sotheby’s, held on Friday, October 5, occurred an extraordinary event. According to the BBC, one of the most famous works of street artist Banksy’s «Girl with red the balloon» self-destructed immediately after it was sold for the incredible sum of £1 042 million (almost $1 400 000).

Lot with the famous painting was put up for bidding last. As soon as the auctioneer banged his gavel after the bets exceeded £1 million, there was a sound like alarm. After that massive frame of the picture immediately start the process of self-destruction. As it turned out, in the lower part of the Banksy installed a Schroeder, who started to chop the canvas into small strips.

In Instagram there is an account of Banksy, who is considered the only official account on social networks. There was published a photograph of the moment of self-destruction pictures with one caption: «Going, going, gone…». Usually the phrase «Sold, sold, sold…» the auctioneer completes each auction.

«The girl with the red balloon» is one of the most famous images of the elusive Banksy. On Friday at the auction were exhibited version, created in 2006 by means of airbrushing.

Banksy — a pseudonym, which took one of the most mysterious artists of our time. It is known that he hails from Bristol (UK). His identity is still not officially disclosed. For the first time the image of a girl with a balloon in the shape of a heart appeared in 2002 on the wall of a London printing house in Great Eastern Street.

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