3600-pound original torch of the statue of Liberty was delivered to the Museum

The people in new York are able to see on the big truck of the future building of the Museum was driving the original torch of the statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty’s original torch is moved to museum site https://t.co/CU4fOwnBQW pic.twitter.com/urUJNDYKbD

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3600-pound torch from copper and amber glass, height more than 16 feet and 12 feet in diameter, designed by frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. The torch was removed from the statue of Liberty in 1984 and replaced with a replica in the framework of the centenary of the restoration of the monument. Since then, he was placed on the pedestal of the statue.

The Statue of Liberty’s original torch is being moved today to the new museum. Several media outlets covering the event. #uspp #StatueofLiberty #torchrelocation pic.twitter.com/p7ycgezmvK

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Thursday special carried the torch to the new building of the Museum on liberty island, where it was installed in the gallery «Inspiration». Museum of the statue of Liberty was designed by the architectural firm FXCollaborative for exhibitions, created by ESI Design. Door height is only 8 feet, so the design delivered disassembled — separate torch, the flame separately. Along with them moved and the face of the statue.

What is that ?!? An incredible piece of history! The Statue of Liberty’s original torch 👀 it’s been behind closet doors for decades until now. Today I tag along as crews move this beauty to its final home. More later on @abc7ny #abc7ny #nationalpark #nyc #america #unitedstates pic.twitter.com/hO0giuy9km

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The construction of the Museum became a part of the reconstruction on Liberty island a total cost of $100 million, it is Expected that the Museum will be open to all in may 2019.