Where are the best restaurants in America? Spoiler: four of them in new York

Eater released its annual TOP restaurants that are crucial to the culinary world and new York and across the country. This year the list includes 38 institutions. New York was lucky to present and a few newcomers – Momofuku Ko, Superiority Burger, Via Carota, and XI’an Famous Foods.

Critic bill Addison, who travels constantly to determine the best institution, has allocated these restaurants among many others, as they are truly worthy of national recognition. Moreover, in two of them you can dine for less than $15.

One of the «winners» is the former chef of Del Posto, a true master of confectionery Brooks Hadley, who now works in a vegetarian restaurant, Superiority Burger, located in the East village. This place Addison calls a «reminder of the individuality and persistence in new York.»

Superiority Burger: 430 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

The second institution – XI’an Famous Foods, represented by a dozen outlets in Queens and became popular, including with spicy Chinese noodles. Jason Wang and his father, David Shi managed to recreate the unique noodle dish is hand-cooked lamb, the taste of which sets off Zira.

XI’an Famous Foods: 14 East 34th Street, Manhattan, NY 10016

If you want a more substantial lunch, Addison recommends that you visit Rita Sodi and Jody Williams at the Italian restaurant Via Carota, located in the West village.

Via Carota: 51 Grove Street, Manhattan, NY 10014

As for Momofuku Ko, then this place David Chang, located in the East village, thanks to chef Sean gray and his team went to a new level, moving from the bar menu to new culinary heights. Special pleasure in Addison called «outrageously delicious» cold fried chicken.

Momofuku Ko: 8 Extra Place, Manhattan, NY 10003

Meanwhile, Blue Hill with Dan Barber made the national list for another year. I mean, this place is among the best names for five consecutive years. Addison argues that it is the best restaurant in America.

The full list can be seen here.