Russia will free 100 whales in captivity — thanks to the support of Leonardo DiCaprio

Russian officials ordered the release about 100 captive whales, creating a petition, supported by several Hollywood movie stars for example Leonardo Di Caprio.

Please sign this petition and join me in speaking out against the inhumane capture of orcas and belugas in Russia.

— Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) February 26, 2019

Environmental activists have been calling for the release of marine animals that are kept in cramped conditions — in the «whale jail» near the Pacific port city of Nakhodka in the far East of Russia.

According to preliminary information, the charges brought against four companies that illegally caught whales. They already fined for various violations.

According to the news Agency TASS, citing Russia’s FSB, the Federal security service said: «the Expertise showed that the animals are kept in poor conditions and should be released into their natural habitat.»

The Russian law permits to catch whales, but only for scientific purposes, while experts on marine mammals say that animals sold in Chinese aquariums.

According to the petition at the present time in a small sea cages contained 11 orcas 5 walrus calves and 90 of baby Beluga whales.

The Minister of ecology of Russia Dmitry Kobylkin told TASS that the government is doing everything possible to free the whales.

The petition, which as of today (March 1) was signed by over 914 thousand people, supported by Hollywood movie stars for example Leonardo DiCaprio and Pamela Anderson.

In an open letter to Pamela Anderson said: «the news about the «whale jail» near Finds of concern to the international community».