Residents of Los Angeles share their impressions of the coldest February

Residents of southern California shocked with how harsh was February this year.

«I usually wear this time of year, light stuff, it’s Los Angeles, I hope will be warmer,» — said 26-year-old Samantha Nava, a student at the College of Santa Monica at the faculty of journalism.

To get to school, she dons a Jean jacket and a hat. The girl has no warm clothes, she wasn’t ready for this February.

Witnesses saw on the streets of Los Angeles Selena Gomez in a coat.

Selena arriving at music studio in Los Angeles [February 28]

— WorldwideSelG Media (@WWSelGMedia) March 1, 2019

The LA Times has collected impressions of people from abnormally cold February. Within a month there a few times snowing. People who were walking down the street in a coat, willingly gave comments to journalists:

«In January and February, as a rule, many warm days when you can even go to the beach,» — said Kittell. «But this year this was not possible».

Surfer Kevin Cuthbertson also disappointed, due to the cold he is 6 weeks not to do things. 41-year-old surfer Matt Martinez found a way out. Yet he skis. According to him, slide on the soft fresh snow is just as fun as catching a wave in the ocean.

It’s been reported that Feb 2019 was the coldest Feb. on record for Los Angeles, with temps never reaching 70°F. Wow! I believe it. Here I am in “LA COLD” this Feb 2019!!! #weather #coldtemperatures

— Raul Roa (@raulroa) March 1, 2019

Sam Yu, the Manager of home restaurant in Los Feliz, said that in the past a favourite place of his visitors was an outdoor patio, but now it’s too cold.

«We put three heaters, but it didn’t help. Also allowed employees to walk in warm clothing. Put the heater to the bartender at the rack. It is costing us dearly, and clients still not enough», — he said.

Hey Los Angeles, this is @Moncler jacket weather. #snowday #snow #IMissYouLA

— Kelly Rippon (@AuthenticChange) February 20, 2019

Ryan Kittell from the National weather service in Oxnard said that to blame the lack of wind in the ocean. This is partly due to the weakening of the polar vortex, which is a funnel of cold air. Such vortices are located at the poles of our planet.

When the polar vortex is strong, powerful wind captures cold air and chases it to the Arctic. This year he is weaker because of cold air masses descending from the Arctic to the South. But the current cold February signals the cessation of global warming.

«This year it seems abnormal only because we have become accustomed to warm winters,» said the forecaster.

It’s seriously wet in Los Angeles….the weather all over the country is crazy people. Be safe, stay warm, and maybe drop some blankets & supplies at a shelter ❤ I Don’t forget how blessed we are just to have a roof over our heads.

— Katee Sackhoff (@kateesackhoff) January 31, 2019