The Uber driver named Jesus drove 400 miles to deliver the women’s 100-year anniversary of their aunt

A resident of Louisiana Kerry Maggard in Twitter account publicly thanked the driver of Uber, who went in 400-mile paththat the woman did not miss the celebration of the 100th anniversary of his aunt.

Kerry Maggard conveyed through a social network Hello driver by the name of Jesus (Cisas), who picked up their sister at the international airport Minneapolis-St. Paul and drove 400 miles to party 100-year-old hero of the day.

Maggard living in Lafayette (Louisiana) went on holiday with my sister deb Eggers, who lives in San Antonio (Texas).

The whole family gathered together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Anne of Stuven, but sister missed a connecting flight and they had to call Uber. They said: did not think that anyone will dare to make a 400-mile trip to a nursing home in Minnesota, which hosted the occasion.

«When he arrived, I said almost 4 hours. I explained that we are trying to get there on the birthday of my aunt, — Kerry told «Good Morning America». He paused and said, I’m a driver, that’s my job. I’ll take you. He was very nice. It’s really a Testament to the kindness of the people,» the woman added.

Maggard paid the driver $216 for the trip and left even more $50 tip.

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When your Aunt turns 100, weather causes you to miss the connecting flight, and no rental cars in the entire city of Minneapolis…you get creative! My sister and I requested Uber for a 4 HOUR drive and LOOK WHO ANSWERED OUR PLEA!!! #JesusSaves #Godhassenseofhumor #isntsheBEAUTIFUL

Kerry Maggard (@KerryMaggard) July 21, 2019

According to her, she was unable later to contact the man, but she talked to his daughter through Facebook, who said she is not surprised at the action of his relative, because he is very sweet and kind man.

Kerry Maggard added that they had a great time with aunt Anne.

«Aunt Ann, the same wonderful and witty, as many years ago! She was thrilled when we told her about our little adventure.»