New York bar owner accused of promoting a culture of sexual harassment

Punk rock singer who worked as a bartender in a dive bar in the East village claims that she sexually harassed a cousin of the owner.

28-year-old kaitlyn dey filed a complaint in the court to the Commission for compliance with equal employment opportunity (EEOC). According to the girl, the owner of Bar None on 3rd Ave. Manhattan Frank Steo allowed his friends to use the basement as a drug den.

«You look very sexy in that dress,» said one of her friends Steo, according to documents in the EEOC. When she complained to the boss, he was ignored.

The complaint States that in February of this year, someone put on the bar a jar labeled «Tips» and the image of the breast. This meant that she would have to bare their Breasts for money. «It’s rude» she said of SEO, but the owner again did nothing.

The last straw was an incident on June 18. According to dey, a cousin of SEO, Curtis burns allegedly went to the bar, and then put his hands on her Breasts, squeezed her buttocks and tried to stick a finger in the vagina.

«I immediately called the police, said day in an interview with the Daily News. — I don’t want anyone else went through this. It’s emotionally exhausting».

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The girl claims that her skimpy outfits interpretiruya wrong. According to dey, the clothes are only part of her image as a musician, not a hint of willingness to have sex with everyone.

New York bar owner accused of promoting a culture of sexual harassmentBar None on 3rd Ave. Manhattan. Source: foursquare

«I am very free man, says dey. — I’m just a man show. Never in my life nobody touched me. It doesn’t matter, I’m wearing a dress or a turtleneck, it’s my body, it’s my choice».

It turned out, burns was not the first time confronted with the law. A few days before the incident the man beat the guy right around the corner of the Bar None.