The woman boasted wit, and boiling the dirty Laundry in the kettle of the hotel, but provoked a storm of criticism

A couple of years ago there was a disturbing urban legend regarding dummies that are usually found in hotel rooms. In particular, legend has it that people used them for washing dirty clothes, and even underwear.

Popularity of this gossip grew to such an extent that I had to intervene physician who warned about the «purity» of kettles in the rooms and the germs that can be on the dirty linen, calling this behavior «extremely irresponsible».

But, obviously, not all remember this warning, because one woman did not hesitate to spread on the Internet the process of using it in a hotel kettle after she started to experience critical days. Moreover, it is not just heated in the kettle water to wash underwear, but was heated with the subject of underwear.

As might be expected, social media users were absolutely shocked. Not only by deed but also the fact that she proudly shared it.

In addition, one girl made a pretty reasonable comment, writing: «Apart from the fact that it’s just disgusting, do not all know that the blood can be washed only in cold water?» These are the basics of washing things, and that everyone should know.

Have you noticed how the plug socket is showing serious concern?

Like this👇, but more terrified and disgusted.

— 🥦🥑Hannah🍣🍫 (@Hanne_o_Saurus) August 7, 2019

There are other issues, such as whether it was easier to go buy new underwear, but do not boil it in the kettle, so if a woman forgot the change of clothes home.

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And the resulting after this incident, another branch of discussion on Twitter, it became clear that the men celebrate in teapots hotels small need, despite the fact that there is a working toilet.

Apparently men pee in them. Nobody knows why.

— Karen Boyd (@valkyriekaren) August 8, 2019

There was also a warning from a person who is familiar with the industry from the inside. One woman said: «My husband works in a hotel. Never use the kettle in the room!»

Judging from what to do with them is this, perhaps, should not be ignored.